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About Happy Television

Our Milk Hall of Fame members come from everywhere in the world.

Wherever in the world you are, you can help our team, "The Mighty Moo Cows!" to build your Milk Hall of Fame!

Every time you submit someone for FREE membership in The Milk Hall of Fame and purchase our products, you are helping us build the prize pool for our contests and realize our goal of promoting the dairy industry, milk & cheese in the USA and for the 6 BILLION milk fans around the world.

We are currently seeking out the perfect location for a permanent home of The Milk Hall of Fame in the United States.

We have narrowed down the search to an area near the Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington, DC corridor due to the large amount (over 20 million) of visitors to our area every year.

Hope to see you at The Milk Hall of Fame! 

When you sign up as a Patreon sponsor for us, we will increase the size of our prize pools for our contests and work to build a permanent Milk Hall of Fame. Many thanks. Bethany

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