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is creating jrpgs, art, pixel art, poetry, short stories, gaming videos
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Hai, I'm milk. I'm a twitter user with the handle @2milk4school. I really want to create something cute and fun that will make others smile whether it be stories, poems, art, crafts, or games. I have social anxiety and depression but I'm fighting the good fight. The main reason I started patreon is so I can get a drawing tablet with a screen and begin creating art with my own unique style to eventually live stream drawing and maybe sell my art. I also eventually want to start a gaming channel if I get the courage. I have rpg maker so I've been planning on making games as well but since I have to spend so much time working I don't have much time to start achieving my goals. If you help donate I will be so happy and I will be able to start achieving my dreams, like going to school to have a good major in either translation, computer programming or both. I am a pure cat so pls no lewd comments or expectations of flirting. I'm not that kind of person and I'm in a long term relationship. I'm a strange girl but an interesting girl and if you pledge to me, it will be fun posts, drawings, and other types of crafts. If you don't have much money and it's too much trouble, pls don't feel obligated to donate. My intention is not to cause any one else financial stress. Also, I must make it clear that no flirting or any kind of lewd behavior will be tolerated. I am traditional when it comes to relationships and this is NOT that kind of donation. That being said, thank you for listening and thank you for taking the time to read this :3

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