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Thanks for the tip! You'll be able to see... 

1. Viewport, WIP Screens, Stuff that isn't on twitter to give you an idea of whats coming

2. Receive MilkySLAL Packs a day earlier

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The "MilkySLAL" Tier

1. The above

2. Participate in MilkySLAL beta tests!(Recieve Beta updates as soon as they're rendered)

3. Vote on polls for the next set of Animations!

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The "I'm only here for the CG Tier"

1. You'll get Un-watermarked files 

2. Alternate Versions

3. Earlier release



About Milky Tabbo

Hello! Milky here, this patreon will be used to support Milky's animating efforts 
Many thanks to all of my supporters!

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With the support, I'll be able to optimize my PC and improve the quality of the preview gifs, maybe even use performance heavy enb with nice dof effects. It'll also help with rendering times for the animations.
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