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About Millysenpai

⭐️A little bit about Millysenpai
Hi my name is Milly & British born Chinese, I recently just graduated a 4 year University degree studying Travel and Tourism Management! 📚
I love food, cosplay, travelling, playing games and interacting with others ♥
If you have similar hobbies make sure to check my Instagram for progress/updates 

I stream at on my days off or free time, I started streaming around late 2016 and reached affiliate in April 2017. I mostly play games with either myself or with viewers/friends, a long time goal I hope I can achieve one day is being able to do IRL/travelling streams as well as aiming to push for twitch partner.
My mum helps me with cosplay making on the side, I have previously entered cosplay competitions and have won prizes and special titles from them which are shown on my Facebook Page, I also post up progress pictures as well as photos and future cosplays that I hope to do!
Feel free to also check for recent tweets on my Twitter.

If you're already not in the Discord, feel free to join by clicking here!
I hope you guys got a little heads up about myself, any support is greatly appreciated as you'd be helping me with rent (London is really expensive >//< ) helping to achieve some of my goals)

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and have a lovely day ♥~

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76% complete
My next goal will go towards my living/rent expenses (and maybe I won't have to be doing multiple jobs to stay afloat)
This would mean so much to me that you're willing to support me here as well as on stream ❤
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