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About Sarah Millman

Hi there! Do you like comics? Do you like stories? Do you like getting caught in the rain?

If you’re here for the first two, you’ve come to the right place! (For the last one I highly recommend Wales.)

I'm Sarah - I also go by Milmo - and I’m a comics artist based in Cardiff. I’m known for my indie titles NPC Tea and Heart of Time, and I also work as a freelance artist and writer. I’ve also worked in games (you can see my art and even hear my voice in Master Reboot on Steam). You can find examples of everything I do on my website here.

I hope that you’ll join me here on Patreon as I develop and grow as an artist. I’ll be sharing art from every project I’m working on, including my independent comics and illustration (with my current focus being NPC Tea).

"With a story full of wonder and intrigue as well as some of the most stiking visuals seen in comics of late, this is an issue worthy of delving into - ideally along with a nice cup of tea." - James Blundell, Pipedream Comics

Inspired by classic RPGs, NPC Tea is set in modern day Cardiff and follows the adventures of an ex-fire summon, an elf and a magicless human as they try to save the city's least popular tea shop from financial (and magical) ruin. The comic is currently only in print and issue 1 is available on Etsy.

NPC Tea is a complex fantasy world - while it’s set in modern day Cardiff, there is a huge amount of background detail I needed to write and design before I even started. As well as artwork and sketches, I’d love to share with you the masses of lore, character biographies and short stories that I write alongside the comic.


I have a variety of different rewards to suit what you’re most interested in (and I’m open to suggestions if there’s something I’ve missed!). From $1 I'll be posting NPC Tea page by page, so you'll be able to read the entire story right here on Patreon. From $6, you can get completed issues as high res PDFs, and from $12 you can get them in print, too.

Every patron will get an insight into my creative process and updates on page progress, sketches, character designs and other gubbins that nobody would usually see. I’ll even include drafts of scripts and my notes on rewrites I’ve made. At the BARD level and above, you’ll get access to the short stories I’ve written for NPC Tea, along with all the lore, histories and character biographies I post.

Anything you can contribute will be greatly appreciated, thank you :)


Some samples of NPC Tea pages and prep:

Some samples of commissions and illustration work:

Thanks so much for reading, I appreciate it!

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Wow, thank you! Reaching this goal would be an incredible help to me, and would mean I'll be able dedicate more time to my own projects over freelance work, invest in materials and exhibit at more conventions across the UK.
At this milestone, I'll illustrate every story and lore post.
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