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The movie, Milo’s Omniworld, is not just a documentary about life on the road as a musician. Omniworld is an imaginative, musical adventure from my perspective which spans 5 years while I was living my dream and traveling the globe sharing my gift. This is a double, interactive dvd set. The first disc will feature live performances with me as a soloist and with other musicians as a band. It will also showcase other independent artists, favorite venues, venue owners, interviews with various people discussing love, life and music, major shows in the US and Germany, as well as recording and producing on my bus, Clarice. The second disc will include my music as well as my affirmation video collage in it’s entirety (which can all be downloaded), all videos, concerts, audio live music, detailed sponsors and venue information with links to websites. The message within the movie is the power of choice & that is what I have been trying to convey in my music for years. I believe music and creativity can transform and heal. Love must first start with accepting yourself and then with the acceptance and genuine love of others. I needed to travel the world, embrace our differences, support each other’s unique, individual paths and shift into a life that is purposeful and meaningful. The film shows us that when we all come together, amazing things can be achieved and experienced.

Why Patreon?
Some have asked, “Why don’t you just raise money one time on GoFundMe or Kickstarter?"  By using Patreon you and I will be in constant communication and you can see where the resources are going.

How does Patreon work?
You give a credit card or PayPal account to Patreon and choose your contribution based on one of our special offers in our tier box and you can also cancel at any time!  Every bit of support brings me one step closer to financially funding the making of the movie. 

What have I been up to?
  • I am wrapping up the fourth year of a five year mission of touring Germany & the United States, including Alaska & Hawaii.
  • I have performed over 300 shows and recorded and produced over 5 artists including my 4th album, Shapeshifter.

Who is Lorenda DiGiacomo?
  • Lorenda joined me three years ago, adding another creative force to the tour & assisting me in booking, representation, design, merchandise and live presentation.
  • Together we have also been creating handmade art pieces to sell online and at every show to help sustain the tour. Her wonderful story will be revealed in the film.

The 5th year!
Beginning 2019, we will continue to tour, record and produce, along with concentrating on the making of the movie, with 2020 as the scheduled release date!

Your funds:
In addition to our hard work of playing shows, selling cds and merchandise, your funds will help resource the following needs: 
  • The care and maintenance of Clarice, the bus.
  • Film editting software
  • Professional videographers
  •  Travel expenses
  • Production costs
  • Merchandise

Clarice, (The Bus)

Clarice is my home. My sanctuary. My office and recording studio.  My means of travel.  In 2020 it is my goal to set up permanent headquarters somewhere and use Clarice as a tour bus only.  Clarice has her own story, which will be revealed in the movie!

Who am I?
Born and raised in Boston, I began playing the bass at the age of 12. Through my teens and early 20’s, I busked the subways making a living by playing for eight hours a day and I credit the experience with teaching me invaluable lessons about music and performing. Writing, recording and composing occupies one side of my artistry and producing the music for other musicians addresses another one of my valuable skill sets. My style of music ranges from jazz, blues, rock, pop, funk to even folk. I perform my own originals as well as adds my unique flavor to 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and present cover songs. I demonstrate versatility unlike any other bassist by using a drum pad, effects pedal and a looping machine which provide his unique rhythm, bass line, keys and lead guitar.  It’s very rare to hear me play the same song exactly the same way which makes each performance fresh and new!

Music for me is my life's journey. This is who I am.  After creating and entertaining for 35 years, I have been moved to take my talent to the world in a bigger way than ever before.  I will continue using my wisdom, experience, the law of attraction and my desire to sustain this reality. It is important to me to balance my own musical endeavors with assisting others to get their music off the ground.  Being able to tour the world sharing my music while uplifting others is a gratifying way to continue building dreams.

Thank you very much for your kind attention and I'm looking forward in taking you on this wild year into Milo's OMNIWORLD.
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"Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives." ~ WILLIAM A. FOSTER
Your support will help me purchase the quality equipment which is needed and was recommended in order for me to produce a truly amazing movie!
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