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MiMi Chan - ミミちゃん

Hi! You can call me Mimi, I'm a Vietnamese cosplayer and cosplaying is my passion. due to many report feedback, I have received lately, so I changed my category to NSFW! However, this doesn't change any content that I have been working on, sexy and cute at the same time, still! Hopefully, my content will bring you joy and having a great time!

If you just pledged PLEASE READ THIS. IT'S VERY IMPORTANT. I keep getting hundreds of question a day on something that is already stated in here, so you can find your answer in HERE. 


"Hey! I'm new to Patreon! What is it ?"
Patreon is where you can spread some love to the art maker like us, by selecting tier and charging money, that money will help me to continue my content as cosplay and modeling. In return, you will receive rewards every month!

"How does it work ?"
When you pledge, you're charged right away and THEN on the 1st of EACH MONTH! So if you only wish to pledge once, please pledge, and then cancel immediately, you will still get the rewards!
Once you pledge, you will receive a patreon message with the rewards to download!

" Can I get past photo-sets? "
t's easy you can DM me through my message PATREON or fanpage on Facebook: Please prepare what you want to buy before sending any messages to me

♥ ''What do you do with the money ? ''
The money I get from your support is solely used to help me pay my Cosplay workplace and any Cosplay expenses ( Cosplay material , paying a studio/photographer for a shoot, flying abroad to your local con & meet you, etc. )
At the start of each month I will sent a link to my photographs to all of my patrons.

Feel free to MESSAGE me if you have any more questions! I will gladly answer, Love ya!
please keep in mind that I don't consider Patreon as a "business". It's a way to thank my most faithful supporters. So you don't "pay for the reward", it's the other way around : you choose to support my career as a Cosplayer & Model and in return I thank you with the rewards, in the best and most honest way I can.
Due to harassement I've been victim of, people asking any personal questions about my private life will get blocked. I do not do refunds.

Here is demo of all my old set XD if u wanna buy something u can see in here

If you wanna buy me a coffe, and shy to ask? Feels free to buy it through
or direct send me through my paypal
last but not least thank you so much for all your support from the bottom of my heart

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