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About Mina Cream

Hello! I'm Mina Cream!

What can I say, I'm a girl who loves to draw cute girls. ;) Especially cute girls snuggling, smooching or being lewd. <3 (I also enjoy hentai in general, so you will also see m/f pairings and a variety of kinks here.) With your support on this Patreon, I can continue to draw more cute girls for everyone to enjoy. ^_^

I also make comics and currently have several naughty comic projects in various stages of development. Current projects include Maidens and Monsters - a sometimes silly, sometimes sexy 4-koma strip comic about monster girls, and Mina's Minis - a catch-all for the rest of my strip comics, involving my other OCs, video game characters and random gags.

As one of my Patrons, you'll get:
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At the $10+ a month level, you'll also get access to layered PSDs.

Not to mention... you'll have the good feeling of knowing you're helping support my art. <3

Thank you and enjoy! <3<3

Not familiar with my work? Check out my sfw tag for a free preview.
You can also see my art on twitter, tumblr, DA, and Studio Cutepet (nsfw!).
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Even more Comics
This will allow me to make comics into a regular feature. New comic strip every month!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 919 exclusive posts
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