The Minam Land Project

is creating a Creative Living Enterprise on Land in Eastern Oregon
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About The Minam Land Project

Welcome to The Minam Land Project

Our intention is to create a vibrant creative living community enterprise in the mountains of Oregon. The Minam Land is 16,660 acres of untouched mountains, woodlands, plateaus, valleys, rivers and streams.

We intend to purchase this land as a for-profit and purpose-driven collective. We will build an intentional community on the land with the aspiration to grow it into a small town.

The community will be founded on clear principles regarding respect for the land, commitment to connection, community depth, social harmony and personal and financial responsibility.

The Minam Land Project: Our Story

The Minam Land Project is being birthed in response to a vivid call many of us have been hearing.

A conscious community experiment was born in 2017 in San Francisco. We call it “The Powerhouse”. For these two years we have documented the values, principles, and processes that have helped us build a foundation of trust, harmony, and creation in a close-proximity living situation. The Powerhouse currently serves as a scaffolding for the intentional community enterprise that will be created on The Minam Land.

Our team comes together from a variety of backgrounds and specialties, uniting forces and education with a common goal: to create and maintain a thriving community space, focused on regenerative land engagement, sustainable social relationships, and the development of adaptable systems for a thriving continuation of life on this planet.

We believe that reconnection with nature leads to respect and reverence for our earth. Through this community living enterprise we hope to improve the health of humanity as a whole.

We see this as a necessary next step for humanity: Intimate, wisely planned, interconnected human 'villages’ prioritizing Service to the Earth, Community Building and Personal Growth.

Project Areas

The Minam Land Project will be organized into sub-projects.

Projects have the intention of enhancing the land and the community enterprise in a positive way and are held with mindfulness so as to respect the land.

Patrons participating at The Flowers level or above receive access to our Once-every-2-months Project Showcase. This is the inner circle for project work, where we report on progress, receive feedback and ideas and move things forward in a persistent, rhythmic fashion.

Infrastructure Projects:
  • Permaculture and Architectural Community Layout
  • Codifying of Community Standards and Governance
  • Development of Land Usage Guidelines
  • Legal Structure & Land Ownership
  • Member Business Collaboration and Cooperation Models
  • Water Stewardship
  • Electrical and Internet
  • Elder Council Formation

Special Projects:
  • Starting a School
  • Adult Education and Personal Development Programs
  • Birthing Center
  • Conscious Hunting and Relationship to Wildlife
  • Retreat and Spa Center
  • Neighbor Relations
  • Rites of Passage
  • Aging and Death
If you are interested in one of the Project Domains that we mention above, please become a Patron at any level and contact us directly at [email protected]

Who We Are

Stephanie Almanzar
is a Community Builder, Desire & Visioning Coach, and a Nurse. She is a ferocious defender of desire and aspiration. She encourages everyone around her to believe they can have it all while teaching them the power of taking full responsibility for their desires and visions. With her experience in community building, nursing and the healing arts, she intends to hold the community's development and direction of its birthing center and school.

Matt Davis
has a tech, military and business background and has been organizing conscious community for over 6 years. He is an original founder of The Powerhouse intentional community. He has worked on multinational business development teams ranging from the top secret intelligence world of the US Air Force to the purpose-driven business world of Holacracy.

Matt is nostalgic for a time in human history when people were confident and secure in their place in the world because of strong family structures and the rhetoric of societal belonging. He believes it is time to create a fusion of the old and the new in the form of a new community enterprise where our primary practice will be to deeply listen to the earth and to each other.

Emily Bishop
is a student of the Healing Biotope Student Program in Tamera, Portugal. There she is studying what it takes to develop a land based communitarian project with other community leaders, activists, and permaculturists from around the world. She is a founder of The Powerhouse in San Francisco, an experimental intentional community focused on personal growth. She is a water rights activist and her political work to protect and steward local watersheds and biotopes, along with her journey living in and learning from advanced intentional communities, makes her a great addition to our team as an advisor for this developing project.

Jitana Alba
is a business consultant specializing in helping organizations refine their approach to align the explicit business structure with the implicit needs of the group. Her versatility allows her to adapt to any situation and rise to the occasion. Jitana is a loving, driven individual with focused attention to detail and continually proves to be a valuable asset to any team or experience.

Greg Ferrar
is a creator and supporter of intentional community from Santa Cruz, California. He has been helping intentional communities get funding, create their legal structures, manage cashflow, and build frameworks for interpersonal relating since 2009. He is the founder of Big D Real Estate, a company dedicated to the support of intentional communities.

Big D Real Estate is a for-profit company focusing on funding, designing, and supporting intentional communities. Big D raises money to purchase or lease properties, finds people who want to live together on it, manages the properties and provides materials, training, and services to the residents, to help the community thrive. Big D currently owns intentional community properties in Santa Cruz, California and Detroit, Michigan.

Why Patreon and what will we do with the Money?

We are creating this Patreon page to gather the people who are called to support new kinds of community enterprises. We will need experts, enthusiasts and supporters from a wide variety of backgrounds to make contributions of all kinds. 

People willing to invest money each month signal their interest and commitment to an ambitious community project like this one.

Patrons will be the first people we contact with opportunities to live on the land or become involved with rewarding projects.  There will be a separate application and vetting process for people who want to become full-time community members and live on the land. In addition to the core group who live on the land, Patrons will receive opportunities to visit and be involved periodically with project related work.

The money collected here will be used to further the aims of this campaign: the initial objective being fundraising $33 million dollars for the purchase and development of the 16,660 acre Minam Land parcel.

Some examples of how the Patreon money may be spent leading up to the purchase: 
  • Legal consultation
  • Accounting services
  • Assaying and land assessment services
  • Licensing and Permits
  • Incorporation fees (LLC or B-corp) 
  • Permaculture consultation and trainings
  • Fundraising related expenses

While all Patrons are making an investment in a future where people live together harmoniously, Patrons at the Water Bearer and Sun God and Goddess levels will have the option to acquire rights and shares within UI Humanics, the purpose-driven organization providing structural support and consulting for this project. 

Patrons at all levels will receive monthly updates on our progress including a report on all financial transactions.   

Investment Overview

Ok, so money. Clearly we need a lot of it to make this happen. Your seed, root and bud level donations are a huge help! They let us do so many important things, the most important of which is figure out how the heck we’re going to raise $33 million dollars.

One thing we can do after we purchase this land is apply for an easement marking it as a conservation trust. This puts a lot of money back in our pockets and is kind of like when a rich person or organization claims some of the Amazon to make sure nobody ever cuts it down. This is why we need to make a strong case for preservation.

Another (more Silicon Valley method) is to accept money as an investment in our future profitability, like a seed round. Similar to a loan, we receive cash investment and in return we issue contractual units and shares in our organization UI Humanics. When we someday succeed in creating a profitable community living enterprise, we can circle back and offer to purchase those shares back.

This would be for investors who are willing to take a risk knowing they might not see a return for a long time, but still want to help us get started and want to be invested in a big future win. We aren’t a startup and we aren’t chasing profits. We are a for-purpose enterprise. If we can nail the long game, we hope to become a thriving 21st century socially advanced eco-city nestled in the mountains of Oregon.

This second kind of fundraising is what the Water Bearer and Sun God and Goddess levels are for. If you buy in at that level, your dollars are turning into “Sun Shares.” We give them a cute name, but these are contractually legal shares that obligate UI Humanics to some day make an offer to purchase your Sun Shares.

When? As soon as the organization meets certain income and valuation requirements (which means just as soon as we can safely afford it). The specifics of these arrangements will be one of our first projects.   

Words from the Core Team

From Stephanie: The Minam Land first came into my awareness about 1 year ago. I was looking for land ideal for creating community. The Minam River Ranch came up in my search. I was immediately mesmerized by its beauty, the mountain range, the clear river water flowing through it, the life flourishing within it. And it was right next to the very small town my partner Matt had grown up in. “Of course! This is it, this is the land!” I could feel a swell of sensation in my heart.

I then looked at the size and the price of this beautiful untouched piece of land. It is 16,660 acres and 22.5 million dollars. How can I make this happen? Who do I need to become to make this happen? What will I do with so much land? What wants to be created there? What does the Land want? Why me?

For almost a year I have contemplated these questions extensively. I have taken a handful of retreats and workshops to find answers within myself. I have done self-reflection, personal work, I have spoken to numerous spiritual advisors and teachers.

I have visited the outskirts of the land where I was able to witness her enormity, her beauty, the clear steadiness of her being. I have had countless conversations with her. I feel deeply connected to her. I have tried to ignore her and she continues to come back into my field. She is there, waiting for me to figure it out. Waiting for me to find the courage to ask the right questions, to ask for the support I need, to meet the right people. She is waiting for me to become the woman who can hold this big of a desire and vision.

With all the visioning and dreaming I’ve done with this Land one thing that is clear is that I will need a lot of support. That there is still a lot of work to be done and I cannot do it alone. We’ll need money, we’ll need people with knowledge and ideas about all the things that want to be created there. Architects, Permaculture Experts, Construction Experts, Infrastructure Experts, Ethical Bow Hunters, Cooks, Farmers, Birthing Doulas, Spiritual Teachers, Policy Experts, Legal Experts. The list goes on.

My Vision for the Land is to create a place that is grounded in the truth of the earth and in the truth of those who wish to immerse themselves in this project. I imagine it as a town of creation where everyone’s brilliance is able to flourish through the expression of their unique gifts.

Birthing Center

From Stephanie: One of the first projects on the Land will be the creation of a birthing retreat center: a place where pregnant women can have a nourishing and restorative experience during their pregnancies. Each woman will have a guide that will help them program their stay at Minam for the months during their pregnancy. Healthy foods, fitness, restorative practices, space for creation, teaching around what to expect and how to care for themselves while they are pregnant, preparations for the birth, emotional support for anything the woman might need.


From Matt: We’ll build a school for kids that provides the right balance of structure and freedom to help children grow into the humans they were meant to be. Our primary aim will be to create an environment that cultivates all kinds of intelligence. For young children, this includes a lot of unstructured play time with opportunities to take on projects as they grow older and to learn from the adults in a self-directed way. This will be a different way to grow up in connection with the land, with community, without fear. Social healing takes place in a place like this.

Future Tech

From Matt: The coming century will contain some marvelous technological breakthroughs that we can’t even imagine at this moment. This will be a place where we can integrate the best humanity has to offer while connecting with everything that humanity has forgotten: The connection with the earth, the cycles of life and the wisdom of the planet herself.

Personal Projects

From Matt: Everybody on the land will own or be involved with a project of some kind. It could be to build on the land, to start a business or create works of art. Everybody here will be asked to tap into their own unique creative genius and operate from that.

Please contact us if you have any questions! We look forward to connecting with you and sharing our progress with our donors each month! 

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