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Are you as curious and intrigued as I am when it comes to discovering the depths of your mind-body relationship and how this information might one day change the way you see yourself and your own mind?
Your pledge here reflects your interest and support in my journey and process. As I give / share (basic understanding of the impact and relationship between your mind and body) and you receive (the research / findings as well support with how to understand your mind and body more), we continue the cycle of continued contribution to one another and so ourselves! 

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- my Patreon only Activity Feed, where I share perspectives and insights into the basics of the mind and body relationship, how I access the information, and how I learned to communicate with my body and use the understanding to support who I am and how I live.

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Do you want to keep up to date with the latest developments and news as I continue my work on the Body-Mind Mapping Platform? By being a fellow pioneer you will be with me every step of the way as I keep you abreast of the latest discoveries as we blaze the trail ahead. 

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Are you ready to get more than just your feet wet and dive headlong into the journey of understanding the dynamics of the mind-body relationship? Ready to start seeing for yourself how the mind and body relationship applies to you in your own personal life?

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- Access to the Patreon only Activity Feed
- A (one time / monthly)  40 minute one-on-one video chat with me
- A (one time / monthly) 20-30 minute voice recording going into details on any particular body pains, discomforts, ailments and questions outlining your mind-body relationship in that specific location, and include practical suggestions / solutions for how to support yourself.



About Susan Spies

Hello Everyone!

My name is Susan, and for the past 15 years I have been discovering the inner depths of the mind and its relationship with who, how, why and what we are when it comes to our relationship with ourselves and our lives.

The Mind Body Relationship

Today there is a substantial amount of scientific proof and investigation with regards to how the dynamics of your mind can and does influence and affect your body. But how much can science really tell us about the specifics and the seemingly “little” and simple things - such as the short and long-term effects of our thoughts and emotions on our physical body from a DNA and cellular level, or how they affect our major organ function?

My lifelong tendency toward curiosity found me seeking out the answers to these and other questions. To what extent does the manipulation of our emotional and mental state impact, alter, and change our bodies on a microscopic level? To what extent do living these states over an extended period of time affect our ability to live effectively and in what ways might we have been compromising our potential for a better quality of life without even knowing it?

Using myself as well as others as case studies over the past decade and a half, I’ve now come to a point where I want to further explore (and share!) in greater depth and detail how the nature of the mind relates to the human physical body and what that means for those who will begin to see and understand this relationship for themselves.

Can We Map Physical Pains to Mental and Emotional Causes?

Given what I have been discovering about this dynamic relationship between our minds and our bodies, could it be possible to map out physical ailments and correlate them to our mental and emotional patterns? My answer is YES and this is exactly what I intend to do with your support.

I am creating a Body-Mind Mapping platform of how everyday life experiences (such as pain, discomforts, twitches etc.) we experience now and then relate to our mind experience and creation. Herein I focus on two dimensions:

Bodily Experiences - Mapping how specific experiences of pain, locations of discomfort, varying degrees of twitches within and throughout the body relates to the body communicating to you and trying to show you something about the impact and effect a state of emotion or thought pattern is having on you.

Behaviours and Mannerisms – This also includes facial features, posture, voice tonalities, etc. - mapping how facial features, such as droopy eyes, the tendency to use your hands and arms a certain way, and the slight changes in voice tonality can mirror aspects of your thoughts and emotions inside yourself you are not yet aware of.

Here’s Where You Can Help!

I want YOU, my supporters to be part of the creation process! Creating a Body-Mind Mapping platform requires a lot of case studies and examples from which I build and share my perspectives on.
As you support me through a monthly pledge, I support you with material on how to understand your Body-Mind relationship, and how you can utilize the information in becoming the best potential version of yourself.

As we journey together, I walk you through a process of: Understanding your mind in your body, and using your body as mirror to know yourself better. The body has always communicated the truth / reality of what you're going through within, and magnificently reflects who you are and how you live without.

Won’t you join me in this fascinating and largely uncharted subject as we explore, uncover, and share our findings to the world?

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Creating An Education for Everyone

By meeting the funding goal we will be able to develop body mapping courses on the mind-body relationship. We will collect real life case studies, and organize a library of information that can become the source material for educating everyone to become fluent in the language of our own mind-body relationship communication.

Imagine, a world of people discovering for the first time the depths of their own sub-conscious, unconscious, (and even deeper levels) of the mind and how they affect us and our physical bodies.

Being able to share this education and creating necessary content and supporting materials is a big undertaking, but together we can make this happen!
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