Susan Spies is creating personalised maps of the multifaceted mind and body relationship

Curious and Intrigued!

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Are you as curious and intrigued as I am when it comes to discovering the depths of your mind-body relationship and how this information might one day change the way you see yourself and your own m...

The Fellow Pioneers

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Do you want to keep up to date with the latest developments and news as I continue my work on the Body-Mind Mapping Platform? By being a fellow pioneer you will be with me every step of the way as ...

The Fellow Explorers

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Are you ready to get more than just your feet wet and dive headlong into the journey of understanding the dynamics of the mind-body relationship? Ready to start seeing for yourself how the mind and...

The Fellow Adventurers

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You know who you are :) You're the one who wants to be part of this journey in a much more immersive way - digging deep into the material, discovering and understanding your own unique mind-body re...

The Visionaries

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Visionaries are supporters who are deeply interested and committed to the work of the mind-body relationship mapping and want to see this body of research build, grow, and spread.