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About Mind Cauldron

Hi folks!

I am a human mortal who with a passion to make indie games. I want to make this my job.

Patreon support will hopefully enable me to reduce the amount of client work I have to do, which in turn will enable me to spend more time making games!

Making games is difficult. I plan to learn by doing. This means I will not really be happy with the games that I make for a while, since I am literally doing everything for the first time.

I take on client work in order to pay rent and keep myself in good health. So the time I dedicate to developing games depends on how much spare time I have left.

You can play the best games I've made so far for free at https://mindcauldron.com/games or all my unfinished experiments at https://darrencearnaigh.itch.io.

I am using the PICO-8 fantasy console as a game engine to teach myself game development and make prototypes fro games that I may re-make later in Unity or Unreal engine.

It's my dream to keep doing this. However the low value of games (like you can get premium AAA games for free now!) and high competition mean that this dream is probably going to get stuck in a pipe. I don't want to be stuck in a pipe. By becoming a patron of Mind Cauldron you will help me to keep focused on game development, as I will have to earn less money through client work in order to keep the lights on and food in my belly. If you can donate a small amount every month, you will help make this dream a reality!

Patrons of Mind Cauldron won't get any special content, rather it is an appeal to your soundness - just like the Blindboy Podcast (check it out if you haven't yet!). I will put updates out for everyone who is interested. If you are able to support me that is fantastic, but if you cannot or don't want to that's fine - you can still play my free releases for free.

At the moment this is very experimental and I don't exactly have all the answers, but please ask me if you have any questions or suggestions about this Patreon or anything else.

Thank you for coming with me on this adventure!

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