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    About Mindful Militants

    Mindful Militants is a network of like-minded individuals coming together to help form autonomous small groups (referred to as “cells”) to progress and empower themselves and assert their sovereignty through the practices of education, health, skill sharing and building a community.

    We are a collective who aim to grow and to offer assistance and mutual support to not only each other but our local communities as well with expanded interests into principles of sovereignty, anarchy, freedom, agorism, spirituality, defence, self-sufficiency, , activism, alternative & off grid living, and more! 

    We have launched a patreon as part of our "Guild Bank" project  and seek Patreon to be a place for our members and supporters to extend their donations which then can be redistributed within the group and beyond to further reinforce our cause. 

    Some examples of how these donations will be utilized are:
    • Sponsoring members to attend workshops,courses and educational opportunities to further their knowledge and skill sets in practical areas that help enhance our projects and causes
    • Investing money into equipment, technology or shared resources to further expand things like our tool library, food cultivators, communal library and more  
    • Saving up for projects and resources related to building an intentional community 
    • Funding practical and educational workshops delivered to the public
    • Create higher quality content on our Minds blog and YouTube channel 
    • Support outreach to gain and train new members 

    If you become a supporter today you can have access to things like our private discord channel, sit in during meetings, have access to our support networks, access our communal resources and more areas we plan to build and develop! 

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