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Do you think that it is time for a world where our real human needs are met?
And do you want to become part of the solution?

Then we are happy that we can work together!

“A problem can never be solved with the same mind state which created the problem."  – Albert Einstein

Every lasting change begins with the evolution of our minds and hearts. We believe that this change will not be achieved by resisting or fighting negative/destructive structures and systems. It will be achieved by combining all the positive solutions in the field of neuroscience, mind-training, green engineering, green architecture, organic gardening in combination with ancient wisdom to develop the full potential of our minds and hearts. Change will be achieved by skilled and fulfilled people united in a network to multiply our efforts and powers.

We are here to help you have the best possible life

But how do we do that?

The Mindfulness Network is providing you with powerful, yet simple methods to make the change happen and you can become part of a growing network of like-minded people in order to create real happiness.
The four main pillars of happiness are:
1. Purpose
2. Connection
3. Satisfaction
4. Safety

So you will learn:

  • Teachings about Psychology, Neuro-science and Buddhist knowledge to broaden the understanding of yourself and of reality. Based on this understanding you can see your everyday problems in a different light and start to live your life based on your inner values and needs.
  • Yoga classes  which bring mind and body in harmony, but are much more than this. They have the potential to unlock your full energy.
  • Guided meditations to change your habitual mind patterns and to hardwire happiness in your brain.
  • In depth Buddhist teachings from our head master Ajahn Dr. Somchai, abbot of the Wat Poh monastery in Khon Kaen Thailand and one of the directors of the second largest Buddhist university of Thailand. Reconnect with ancient wisdom, brought to you in a direct and applicable way.

  • Practical exercises will lead you into a structured way of self-transformation
  • The Mindfulness Network provides you with a forum where you can discuss together, practice together, meet people in your area and build a support group for yourself which becomes a solid foundation for your inner and outer transformation.
  • Monthly questions and answer group sessions will give you the  support you need.

  • Learn the art of living by slowly shifting your focus away from only satisfying your senses to satisfying your real needs like friendship, intimacy, honesty, authenticity and living the truest version of yourself.
  • Cooking classes will teach you how to make perfect vegetarian nutrition into a feast of your taste buds.

  • Permaculture videos so that you can produce your own healthy, pesticide free and affordable organic food. Turn your balcony or own garden in a garden of Eden! Growing your own food is like printing money!
  • Tutorials for making your own organic products  in order to become independent from chemicals that are harmful for your body and for the environment.
  • Videos about green architecture and alternative solutions. You won't believe the benefits of natural building, and how easy it is to start doing it right away. Creating your own living space without getting in dept will free you from a lot of burdens in your life.
On top of all that we will share with you updates from the Mindfulness Project, so if you are a past or a future volunteer or even a virtual member of the family you will be able to follow us on our journey.

Future starts now

Since 2011 the Mindfulness Project creates a new way of living based on ancient wisdom and new scientific findings. From our start, thousands of volunteers from all around the globe have experienced this way of self-transformation. They have become ambassadors of change by evolving the way they think, feel and live. Together we created a new vision for the next generation.
Our system has been researched by the University of Murcia, Spain, and has been found to be highly effective to change our negative self-images and the way we think about ourselves and the world. So it's time to spread the transformations we make here beyond our physical limitations. It's time to make our wisdom and methods available to everybody out there who believes that a lasting change of our inner and outer world is possible!

Become part of the evolution 

By subscribing to our channel you will not only get access to all the teachings we offer. You will also become the change you want to see in the world.
Joining the Mindfulness Network means that you become an active supporter to make our vision become reality and make evolution happen. You become a catalyst to reverse the negative impact of humans on this planet. You become the fuel for creating an inspiring, healing and fun way of life!

With your monthly contribution we will be able to bring our work to the next level!
We will be able to apply existing solutions and turn the Mindfulness Project into a lab and a learning center for the future. This will be a model for holistic living which will have a huge impact on our surrounding and beyond.

We will be able to accelerate our outreach in the poorest part of Thailand, providing more shelter for orphanages, giving a future for victims of child prostitution and healing the environment by intensive reforestation to secure the base of living for all species on this planet.
And we will be able to secure and expand our team and systems in order to serve you in the best way possible. And in the far future this will be the base for new Mindfulness Projects and charity programs around the world.

And with your subscription you will become part of a kick ass network of people who are making evolution happen!

Join us! 

$978.39 of $1,000 per month
Bringing our organic garden and natural building to the next level. To make it happen, we'll get equipment that will make our operation better for the volunteers and for the environment.
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