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The Handshake

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You have shaken hands with us. 

"Hi, we're Mindstain."   

You said, "Hey, you guys seem great and I love your stuff." 

"Aww, thanks," we replied.

You said, "Let me buy you guys a drink once a year at that convention, but I'll do it in installments throughout the year" and we said, "too kind! Thanks, mate." 

  • A Firm Handshake and Thanks from Mindstain

You've Been Stained!

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You have dipped your toe in the Mindstain world.  Every 6 months, you will get a lovely piece of Mindstain creativy such as a bookmark or badge and a signed thank you postcard from the Mindstain Team.

More importantly, you will be contributing towards getting us out to more conventions and enabling us to buy more brain sweets!
  • A Firm Handshake and Thanks from Mindstain
  • You've Been Stained!

I Want to Be Fictional!

Limited (15 of 15 remaining)
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In additon to regular updates from us, you will get a fictional T-shirt (we will try to match sizes but can't make any promises!), a mindstain badge and our deepest appreciation.  We will also write you into one of our new comics so you can be truly fictional.
  • A Firm Handshake and Thanks from Mindstain
  • You've Been Stained!
  • Fictional T-Shirt




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In 2012, George, Rob and Sarah were at Thoughtbubble Comic Con. They stopped, looked at each other and one of them said "We could do that." Someone else said "Yeah." A year later Mindstain exhibited its first comics at Thoughtbubble 2013. 

Now an established comics co-operative, Mindstain has several ongoing titles including Sarah Peploe's ultra-violent Restoration drama, 'Damaris', Rob Burton's dystopian CC3 and CCx books, and George Joy's 'Cogs and Caves' Series, with accompanying 'jewelry with an origin story'.

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Mindstain will immediately employ a 'really great' artist to work on our wonderful scripts.  We've got space stuff, airships, aliens, deep and meaningful thinking, forest mysteries, comics philosophy, some disturbing history, the usual whimsy, some rude political stuff and quite a lot of fantasy archaeology, that you really want to read!
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