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About Jazzyjaffa

Recently I've had messages asking how to support the site - Patreon was suggested so here we are! Even a dollar that you cancel after a month will help pay for the servers. I've tried to think up a couple of rewards - if you have any ideas for more let me know. 

will always be free to use, I hate ads so it will always be ad-free. All features will always be available to all users - with the exception of the vanity URL I've used as a reward below.

I'll still keep working on MineAtlas whatever happens here, but your support makes it easier. Here's some features I plan to work on:

  • 1.9 features (igloo)
  • Increase resolution
  • Highlight specific biomes
  • Marker for where to build a portal to a fortress
  • Large biomes support
  • Marker for mineshafts
  • Marker for strongholds (behind spoiler warning?)
  • More indication of biome type (e.g. Flower forest)
  • Horse/Ocelot/wolf finder
  • Ipad/Android app?
  • Other tools - e.g. crafting tool

$15.75 of $60 per month
Maps take server time to generate, which costs money. This level of support will stop me having to explain to the wife why I blew all our cash on Minecraft maps.
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