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per Each piece of writing about Syrian refugees in Sweden

About Ming Lauren Holden

In 2013, I journeyed within the borders of Syria to write about the growing refugee crisis arising out of the civil war there.  I did so with the support of a Kickstarter campaign, and my donors received the dispatches from the journey as I wrote them. One excerpt from those writings, entitled "The Surest Way To Survive", earned the finalist slot for the Crab Orchard Review's annual nonfiction contest' others went into a series of Huffington Post articles (including this one, entitled "What I Learned On The Ground In Syria"). 

This summer, that work has a sequel.  As we all know, the Syria conflict has not gotten better, and the world at large has a refugee crisis on its hands.  America has pledged to allow 2,000 Syrian refugees into the country. By contrast, Sweden is the only country in the EU to extend the offer of permanent residency to Syrian refugees and their families. The Syrian refugee population in Sweden has reached at least 40,000. As soon as I heard this, I wondered what that has been like for the Syrian newcomers, who have traveled so many painful miles to an uncertain future.  To that end, I will travel to Sweden for a week in July to learn about and connect with the Syrian refugee community there, and in exchange for your support you will receive "dispatches" of literary writing about the experience.

With experience in development work and refugee advocacy in twelve countries on four continents, I am a well-meaning humanitarian, but by no means a wealthy one.  I'm in the process of earning my second master's degree in the arts in my fifth year as a graduate student, and I owe something like $65,000 total in federal loans from my years in undergraduate and graduate programs. However, I am blessed with more privilege, visibility, and mobility than the great majority of humans on the planet may ever be. While I can't pledge continuous years of self-funded activism work, I can pledge a week of time and work and a plane ticket this summer, and hope that those of you who enjoy or benefit from my written work about the venture won't mind supporting the endeavor.
$5 – reached! per Each piece of writing about Syrian refugees in Sweden
If 100 of you give $5 per piece of writing, and I create at least two pieces of writing, I'll be reimbursed for the projected costs of the trip to Sweden for a week in July. 
Anything further, and I'd actually be making an income (!) from my literary writing, which would be a dream come true. Such success would enable me to pursue larger goals (maybe someday a book about Syrian refugees, with interviews and writing from Turkey, Jordan, and Germany...?)
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