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About Miniature Monthly

Hi, fellow nerds! I am Aaron Lovejoy, and these are my friends, Elizabeth Beckley and Matt DiPietro. We have worked for companies including Kingdom Death, Flying Frog Productions, Ninja Division, Dark Sword Miniatures, Privateer Press, Reaper Miniatures, and many more.
Together, we are Miniature Monthly!

We have teamed up with Eldritch Studios, as well as some of the top companies in our industry, to bring you the most comprehensive painting tutorial videos around. With well over 40 years painting, both gaming and display figures, and numerous awards (5 Best of Shows, 10 Golden Demons, 3 Sophie Trophies, 13 Crystal Brush Trophies, and 7 Draconic Awards Trophies), we are confident that we can give you the tools to be the best painter you can be!

Our goal is not to show you how we paint a particular model, but to show you how to paint so you can paint any model. Our videos are perfect for artists of all skill levels (beginner to advanced). We have you covered from army painting to high display pieces. If you want to win contests, we can help with that too! In the last year alone, Miniature Monthly patrons have won 3 Best in Shows (GenCon MHE painting contest, Privateer Press Grand Master painting contest, and Reaper's Master Series Open), three Golds, and 3rd place overall at Crystal Brush!!! We have seen tremendous growth in our community as a whole. We are so proud of all of our Miniature Monthly Team members' accomplishments.

So you're asking yourself, "Why should I join the Miniature Monthly Team?" (Other than the fact that Aaron is a freakin' ninja!) Here's why:

1. Painting tutorials that are geared towards learning, rather than just showing you how to paint.
2. Learn to airbrush like a boss.
3. Learn to sculpt your own bases.
4. Learn to properly build and convert your models.
5. Access to our Miniature Monthly Discord forum. This is the place to discuss all things paint...and talk with the Miniature Monthly teachers as well as other community members.
6. Friendly competitions. These range from really big ones like the Miniature Monthly Masters competition, to smaller ones. Some are online competitions, and some we do at events like KingdomCon in San Diego. Painting contests were, and are, a big part of our progression as painters. They continue to drive us to be better painters. We want to encourage the competitive spirit in you!
7. Different levels for your own personal goals.


For as little as $5 dollars per month, you help support our families, as well as help insure more and better content in the future. We are relying on strength in numbers here, so sign up today and tell a friend!!

All Alumni and above Patrons will get access to our exclusive Discord server. Come join a place to text and chat with other patrons. Share your work, get feedback, and socialize with the Miniature Monthly community. 

Be sure to link your Patreon account to Discord. For instructions on how to link your accounts follow this link. How Do I Connect Patreon To Discord?
To join the Discord, follow the instructions above, and when you have linked your Patreon account and Discord, just click this link MINIATURE MONTHLY DISCORD.

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Thank you for supporting us!

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