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I am a composer, musician, and all-around agitator and creative. I have been relentlessly supported by family and friends throughout my career, I staunchly retain my artistic independence (but please don't confuse that with artistic integrity), and this page is a way to both thank the many who have supported me relentlessly, and provide access to much of the content I have generated.
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If I reach 15 Patrons, I will begin making monthly videos and doing Patron-exclusive streams (hangout/AMA-with-an-instrument format). Right now Patreon is simply another element of my social media presence. In addition to increasing the frequency and volume of livestreams and content as my number of patrons increases, I am interested in using artistic analysis, political commentary, and music theory to create video content concerning an element or practice of contemporary music/art. Some would be video essays, some would be targeted songs or music videos, some might be reports or interviews, etc. etc.
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