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is creating electronic music, sound design and digital art.
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About Minus 41

Minus 41

Powerful beats and beautiful melodies from the snowy and cold north of Sweden!

Some time ago in a small town in northern Sweden, a couple of friends were playing around in a music studio. Just for the fun of it. One of the friends had decades of experience from producing and performing music in various bands, but was lacking inspiration. The other friends had very limited experiences of performing in public, but both of them had spent many hours playing their instruments at home which had given them lots of inspiration. After realizing that the friends worked very well together, they decided to team up, record and release a couple of songs under a new artist name, and do it all in an inspiring way online. Again, just for the fun of it. With that decision, Minus 41 was founded.

We will have our starting point here on Patreon - along with a website, a Facebook page and a Youtube channel that will be added soon. Our song releases will be free to download, free to share and free to use for non-commercial projects. Supporting patrons will get access to previews, remix kits, samples, digital art, production reports and much more.

And most important of all: Patrons who want to be involved in a music production and artist project, are welcome to become a part of the Minus 41 collective and contribute in different ways. Just as the founding friends have their roles in the project, each patron who want to be involved will get an own role. Of course, those who rather follow the project from the sidelines are just as welcome!

Finally, the founders are not anonymous in any way. We just leave our names out most of the time, as we want Minus 41 to be the name to remember.

Welcome to the start of the Minus 41 adventure!
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The first goal for Minus 41 on Patreon is to reach 50 patrons. When that happens, we will launch the Minus 41 media archive which will include more than 100 downloadable songs that are free to download, free to share and  free to use for non-commercial purposes!
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