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MIO here, a cat from outer space!


 hot'n'kinky, cute'n'crinkly, both?

 - You name it!

This Patreon is about:

 me drawing Your characters / ideas +more !

most activity/posts is at our patron-only
Telegram channel + group (not here)

Don't worry, you will see the links if you choose to become a Patron !


- - -
Tier system has been changed !
(new) tier descriptions - are accurate, ignore old posts.

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accumulated rewards are still to be delivered to current patrons with no changes, or could be transferred into new type rewards if one would wish to

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so, what you can get into by supporting me here? :


- (we talk in chat, and I might draw your fantasies :3 or do a poll to choose which I'll draw )

 I draw your characters -
YCHs, stickers and Commissions,
sketch streams and more :

- With ANY tier You can attend in Patreon-exclusive fixed-price YCHs !

- Upper tiers also work as a discount/upfront payment ! (for example: 2 month on $10 tier is (can be used as) $20 off a YCH !, no limit there, can cover up to 100% of it)
kinda also means free art (YCH+) every N months ^^

 Easy and fun!
- Collaborate with others in the chat for more fun milti-character ideas, makes it simple to find a like-minded share-buddy for a piece!

 Other projects
- (like crafts, videos, games, comic, merch like pins, stickers/magnets etc!)

- - -
note: Don't forget to communicate with me on what you are looking the most for when signing for the art-reward tiers^^
 - Feel free to contact me here or on Telegram (at Mio_spacecat) with any questions regarding my Patreon !
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Move your pledge up and down when you want - just the difference on the way up will be charged, so you can pause by going to lower $tier and get back up later when you see something is up that you are interested in :3
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pledge explained simple:

  • $1+ a cookie !: see all my patrons-only art first and hi-res + video&more !( accessible at our Telegram channel, 18+ (Link here)),  vote in polls, see/attend in
  • $6+ Club membership: join Patreon-only art-reward Telegram group (link at the bottom) You can share ideas n stuff - gives your fantasies good chance be visualized^^
  • $21+ Art-rewards - a sticker with your character for every month, or use it as discount for YCHs here or on FA too (they are commonly $100 some less some more)

  • $55+ best buddy - I draw you sketch commissions, 1char for every month in, or 2-3 stickers a month (if you want them faster^^) or same as previous tier - can use it for YCHs off!

  • $98+ Space Loot-box 1 ! shipped! - [coming soon] A physical box with all kinds of my original limited goodies +handmade! prints, stickers, buttons, magnets, original sketch and more!
  • $200 VIP level support: Full Top-Quality up to 2 char commission ! (or a ref. or sequence/comic page)!

What do I draw?
I love to draw most things,
cute cubfurs or hot/playful very kinky fluffbutts, toys, wild/weird kinks and things :3
(I have a big cubfur/ABDL following so it obviously reflects on my feed, but don't let that worry you if it is not your thing - only you choose what I draw for you personally! - I am open to most things^^

 ---> Where is see everything / the new art ? <---
As I prefer to not test the site rules, please use Telegram news/updates channel if you want to see all NSFW content (and everything else is also there).
( (Link here) ), and the art-chat ! (Chat link inside) ! (Both are 18+)
Most art would also go to one of my FA and IB pages later :
(to maxhaibane or addickted (inkBnny same name) ).
18% complete
Wow, if we get to that point I probably could be doing it full-time! - means lots of cool stuff to come! A ton of arts! Maybe I finally start making the game! (with your characters)
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 135 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 135 exclusive posts

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