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Hey guys, I'm Gav and I make songs. I'm best known for my music inspired by various games, movies & TV shows which have gathered over 180 million Youtube views! 

What is this Patreon page for?

Making a living as a musician is tricky these days. With streaming overtaking album sales and platforms like Youtube becoming less reliable with monetisation, artists need other options. 

The high quality of my productions is due to over 2 decades of dedication, work & practice. I've given my whole life to making music and platforms like this one allow me to do that while also having a job.

My job includes:
- Composing
- Recording & engineering
- Playing (and buying) all the instruments & singing the songs
- Mixing (this is by far the most time consuming part)
- Mastering
- Promotion, social media etc...
- All managerial, clerical & financial stuff

That's a lot of work for one person! My songs can often take over 100 hours to create & that's not including the promotion & managerial stuff. In the past I worked on music in my free time while washing dishes in hotels or waiting tables or working in retail... trying to balance that double life wasn't easy and it was hard to find time to record my songs, let alone produce them to the level of quality my audiences now enjoy.

So when you become a patron, you're sending some cash my way in order to let me keep making the things you enjoy :)  In order to keep making this much music to this standard, it needs to stay my full time job.  

What rewards do I get for contributing?

The music itself will be the main reward here. There will also be some early access to in-progress songs/artwork/demo mixes/behind the scenes prose etc and Tier 2 Patrons will get access to a private group chat server on Discord. My creation process is intensely private & solitary so there won't be many livestreams or that kind of thing but you will be able to ask me questions, give feedback & stuff like that :)  

I don't believe in putting any exclusive songs behind a paywall, I want every fan to be able to hear every song I release regardless of their financial situation. My work is all about getting high quality, polished tunes made for all of you guys and that is what you'll be supporting. If that's enough for you to want to contribute then awesome! If not, I completely understand.

NOTE: [reward tiers are not concrete and may change slightly based on fan feedback, but you will never lose anything you're getting I will only add]

Thank you to everyone who chips in - you guys have always been super supportive of me. In fact it was you - the fans - who suggested joining Patreon in the first place. So thanks for letting me do my dream job, y'all are the best :) 


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