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About Miriam's Well

About Miriam & Miriam's Well


I'm Miriam BatAsherah Green -- most folks just call me Mir. 

I am a Thelemite, Witch and coffee nerd living in San Francisco, CA.

With an academic background in Jewish studies, I've been been actively studying Hermetic Qabala for over 25 years and Jewish Kabbalah for nearly as long. I can read and speak Hebrew at the “Hungry Little Caterpillar” reading level.

I am a proud member of Blazing Star Oasis, OTO and am an initiated Reclaiming Witch. I've been teaching in both communities for about fifteen years, and have presented magick classes on the national level at Pantheacon, TOTOCON, NOTOCON, and Dark Odyssey Surrender. 

Why this Patreon? 

I love teaching magick. I love how much I learn from teaching, and the amazing questions I get from the folks in my workshops. I love puzzling through a piece of magickal tech and making it work. 

And, frankly I'm way too busy! I have a day job that takes an enormous effort, and sometimes it's hard to justify taking enough time to research magick, develop new classes, and noodle on magickal tech so that I can bring that back to my classes. 

After performing a recent act of personal magick to make teaching a regular part of my living again, I had an "aha!" moment. It's time, after three years of putting it off, to launch a portal for patrons near and far to help me develop this body of work. (Despite a lot of work with Fotamecus, I'm not getting any younger . . . ) 

Class descriptions (so far!) 

I currently teach a biweekly magick class at the Wicked Grounds Annex, and am available to teach for local (SF Bay Area) and national events and conferences. All classes can be taught in formats as long as a hands-on experiential weekend workshop or as short as a 72-minute presentation.

All the Kabbalah You Really Need to Know

Kabbalah doesn’t need to be obscure, pedantic, or boring. It can be fun, experiential – and maybe even a little dishy. Anyone can master the basics in only a few hours – and the rest, as they say, is commentary.

In this class, beginners will quickly become acquainted with the fundamentals of Kabbalah, while more experienced practitioners will gain deeper perspectives into the origins of Kabbalah and its continuing relevance to witches, pagans and magickians.

Topics include:
  • The Big Bang and the Ain Soph Aur
  • Four Letters, Four Worlds, and Three Souls
  • Hebrew Letters – Categories, Cubes, and a Bit of Gossip
  • The Sephirot in a Nutshell (but Not a Klippah)

Sex Magick for Kinksters 

The traditional definition of magick is "the art and science of changing consciousness in conformity with Will." We could also say it's a way of moving and transforming energy and perception. In terms of our life work, magick is a set of tools that allows us to get out of our own way to more effectively do our work in the world.

The magickian's tool kit includes techniques such as ecstatic trance, symbolic ritual, polarity work, breathing techniques, sensual immersion, and more. The sex magickian specifically works with the energies raised in solo or partnered play as fuel for their spellwork or life Work.

Those tools should seem very familiar to us kinksters. You may not be a magickian, but most of us are playing around in the magickian's tool kit.

This class will explore some basic information on how to understand the potent energies invoked in D/s and S/m. We'll talk about the nature of the soul, how to engage the deeper mind, creating a safe container for a scene, and what one can do with the energies we raise in BDSM play. Whether you believe in magick, want to believe in magick, or think this is all just a fun metaphor for how the mind works, you are sure to gain new tools and perspectives on BDSM play by attending this class.

From Yetzer to Yetzirah
aka "Muppets and Kabbalah" 

We all live with competing pulls. We can call them Light and Shadow, the angel and devil on our shoulders, or the Divine Twins in our natures. Jewish tradition calls these natures our inclinations, or formations: the Yetzer haTov and the Yetzer haRa. In this class, we will explore kabbalistic approaches to working with these inclinations as they arise in our souls and making partnerships with both inclinations to further our Wills and our Work . . . through the lens of befriending our inner chaos Muppet and our inner order Muppet! 

Kabbalistic Triple Soul 

Kabbalistic thought mirrors cultures worldwide in considering the soul as having multiple parts. Whether we call these by their Hebrew names, other cultures' names, or just the id, ego and superego, the tripartite nature of the soul has implications for our work as magickians.

Come on a tour through the Hebrew model of the triple soul, and basic techniques for working with our souls toward better integration and more effective magickal Work.

Putting the Aleph Back in Alphabet: A Foolish Journey through the Qabalah

To really ‘get’ qabalah requires serious study — and a wicked sense of humor! Rife with puns and filled with in-jokes, the Jewish kabbalistic texts are built on wordplay — and in modern times, Crowley honored the best of this tradition with his own, often humorous, style. This session will show you the gems of gematria, how to team up with temurah, what not to do with notaricon . . . and other Foolish ways modern witches, pagans and magickians can make the most of Hebrew alphabet.

Kabbalah for Tarot-ists / Tarot for Kabbalists

Whether by design or coincidence, the Tarot bears a number of similarities to the Kabbalah. The twenty-two trump cards can be mapped to the Hebrew letters, the ten numbers to the Kabbalistic sephirot, the four suits to the four kabbalistic ‘worlds’ and the four courts cards to the Tetragrammaton.

This weekend intensive is designed to help those familiar with the Tarot deepen their insights through and understanding of basic kabbalistic techniques, while teaching those familiar with the Kabbalah to employ the Tarot as a tool for both divination and deep, personal Work.

Hebrew for Magickians

Best taught as a short series, this class focuses on some foundations of Hebrew for magickians using the language in their practice. An intro class focuses on modern Sephardic pronunciation and basic grammar while subsequent (or longer) classes can build in elements of interest to the audience, such as the elements, angelic names, god names, kabbalistic terms, amulets, and so on. By the end of this class, students will be able to not only use Hebrew in their magickal practice, but begin to deepen their work by making key connections between commonly used terms.

$89.54 of $500 per month
When I reach 500/ month, I will take the time to fully outline and roll out my Polarities Beyond Gender class, based on the presentation I gave at NOTOCON 2016. 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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