is creating an unrepentant number of cat doodles

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Even the rain comes a drop at a time, and I appreciate anyone who's willing to help me grow. <3 

  • Wips and art posted to all patrons
  • Access to higher resolution pictures than those I upload to DA 
  • My gratitude ; o ;
Includes Discord benefits


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The next step up! Not everything in this tier is something you can expect on a monthly basis, since my work varies so much. There's only so much time in a month, so while you won't get everything every month, hopefully you'll get enough to make this tier worth it for you. 

  • Everything in the previous tier!
  • Access to Tutorials/how-tos
  • Access to Process GIFs
  • Limited-Time Access to YCH bases - You'd be free to use bases I make and sell as YCHs for your own private non-commercial use. More details can be found in the Patreon Rewards post! 
Includes Discord benefits


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  • Everything in the previous tier!
  • Access to Patreon-only commission slots - I'll reserve a slot or two every time I open commissions for patreons, though you'd still be able to snag a slot that is open to the public. I may also do test runs of other styles/commission offerings on patreon before taking them to DA.
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About mirrorly

Hello! I'm Khel -- Also known as mirrorly, foxclover, sordid-dessert, or kheleksul. The bulk of my (recent) work can be found on my deviantart. I've been around the internet block for a while, but I've never been very good at the social media aspect of things. Something about putting myself out there has always been hard for me, and... Well. I've been resisting putting together a Patreon for just that reason for years. But here I am! And here you are! 

I hope this place is interesting enough to capture your attention and imagination. I'm looking forward to (hopefully) knocking your socks off with some quality content. :D For now though, the patreon itself is still a work in progress, so. It may take a while to get everything under control. Consider this a very soft unofficial launch! 

Patreon Rewards Directory
*** SCRIBBLE BOARD CURRENTLY DOWN, trying to fix how to run it ***

Features to come in the future:
  • Discord server, with special roles for the Patreons
  • More details on the Petal Program
  • Uhm. Uhhhh. More STUFF. Yes.
47% complete
Ok, for some strange reason, we're hitting the goals much faster than I thought we would, especially considering this has only been soft-launched.... Which means.. I NEED SOME SPACE TO CATCH UP! >_< So here's another reward that should take some time to hit! And when/if we do, I'll.... Well, I haven't quite thought out what to do yet, but perhaps a patreon-only YCH? Or something. WHAT ARE YOU INTERESTED IN, let me know!
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