is creating poor translations by a poor student

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you just created your character after spending hours trying to decide on a username that wasn't already taken!

you're still wearing noob gear at the beginner's village. kill some slimes before you can level up!

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you just got out of the beginner's village after killing slimes and snailies. 

you traded in your baseball bat for a basic rusty sword, and finally got a metal helmet for some protection.

the next thing you need to do is go find a profession so you can get some new skills! you can't kill higher leveled monsties with just a punch and a kick!

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you just apprenticed yourself to one of the big shifus, but they said that before you can become an official disciple you have to get stronger.

no matter what job you decided to choose, you're still very weak! but, you got some new skills that are a lot more powerful than when you were still a beginner. 

you finally traded in your dirty t-shirt for a white uniform, and you can finally kill the wild goblins and trolls in the wild.




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hey, this is mirutranslations
. i’m a second generation chinese speaker, so sometimes my translations might not be perfect. but, i try to make the english as readable as possible without losing the meaning of the original chinese. (baidu is my friend)

readability > literal meaning

i will be posting translations of works that i think are amazing reads that haven’t been translated yet. i usually read BL and female orientated web-novels.

hope you guys enjoy!

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