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- Get it first. New layouts will be posted to Patreon at least 24 hours before anywhere else.


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- Get it first.

- Code clean-up. Have a layout made by someone else that you can't make heads or tails of? Does it seem overly complex for some reason? I'll edit, reorganize, and clean it up for you!


per new or reworked layout
- Get it first.
- Code clean-up.
- Image rendering services. Have an amazing character image you'd love to see without a background? Send it my way and I'll work on cutting it out for you!




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About Mirza Works

Mirza Works - Roleplay Layouts

Themed Roleplay HTML/CSS layouts for you, for him, for her, for that dragon, for the cat, and for everyone!

More details below, feel free to skip what you already know!

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What is a RP layout?

Some fanciful sites designed for RP supply members with a blank web page to share information about their characters or themselves. With a little bit of web coding knowledge some pretty nifty visual elements can be made. But some, for various reasons, don't want to web design from scratch themselves.

Enter the gargoyle...

I absolutely love making layout templates for people to fill out or edit as they please. Since, oh wow, 2015 I've been coding up layouts for RP character profiles and distributing them for free among whoever bothered to look my way. Best of all I do try to make most themed not just generic boxes and as easy to edit as I possibly can. I've already made over 100+ of them in fact.
From simple and static -
- to complicated and dynamic.
I planned to stop once... but ideas keep popping into my head. They may never stop. I have an addiction, okay!?

Why Patreon?

I do love what I do, but life isn't free. I've dumped a lot of my time into making these. I want to continue but it's becoming difficult to justify spending time on it while I continue to be broke.

Why not commissions?

I did consider, and still am considering, opening up for commissions. But I have a couple issues with layout commissions.
First and foremost, it's incredibly easy to steal web coding. Even a super special commission can be accessed, copied, and used by someone other than the commissioner.

Second, I don't want to write something to be used once and tossed aside. Most aren't like this, but it only takes one. I could write a term into the agreement that it's a lease but this feels icky too.

Potential future benefits.

I'm considering adding several other benefits to the current tiers like clean-up jobs for codes written by others (added) or deep edits for things I've written or mobile compatibility edits for either. Beta versions are also on the table. I'm not sure yet, but something to keep in mind.

Do you do anything else?

  • I draw, I made my own avatar and banner present here.
  • I fiddle with making discord bots.
  • I'm writing a couple different stories.
  • This Patreon is just about layouts though.

    Obligatory Disclaimers

    I rarely own the artwork displayed in previews of my coding! They're there to show where images go that is it! My layouts are primarily designed for roleplay chat and may or may not work out of box on other sites like rphaven, roleplayair, or roleplace but I would be more than happy to edit them into a functional state be ye patron or not. These sites are also 18+ even if my work generally is not.

    3 of 8 patrons

    Patreon Series!

    Should we reach 8 patrons I will kick off a special Patreon Series with layout PS#01!

    Keep in Mind
  • The code would initially be posted here only but as soon as it's used anywhere, it will be accessible at that location too. Coding is easy to copy and steal. But this is a reward for Patrons so let's not make it super easy for non-patrons by directly handing it to them.
  • Eventually it will be available from my website too but not for several months or possibly a year.

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    By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 11 exclusive posts
    By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 11 exclusive posts

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