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Wow! Seriously, I really appreciate any support. Your reward is my undying gratitude.
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$3 a month gets you a movie request *every month* for as long as you are giving. Seriously. For now, I'm limiting this to a maximum of four people. Consider this a super-thanks for anyone who is an early adopter. <3

There are going to be some limitations on requests, but not many. I literally reviewed watching paint dry once. I'm serious.
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...really? You are going to give me $10 a month for this? Well damn. I'll figure out some kind of Misan[trope]y branded stuff for you. Maybe magnets? Whatever it is, you'll get one. Also, I'll list you / your product / your website on the sidebar of Misan[trope]y, and give you a bumper in each episode of The [Plot]opsy Podcast.