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For 6$ per month you will have INSTANT ACCESS  to MiseBot on the CREATIONS page. I will answer any questions regarding problems and how to install and use it properly. Your membership also will allow you to request features. The more people request a feature, the more likely the faster it will be completed!
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For 12$ a month, you get access to MiseBot AND your name OR company name on the starting screen of future editions of MiseBot, thanking you for your contribution.




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About Misebot

On Pucatrade, trades are gone in seconds. To be the first person to get the trade, you have to use PageMonitor to watch the page. PageMonitor makes it so you have to always be near your computer to make trades and constantly check your "Send a Card" page. This is a tiresome way to trade magic cards.

MiseBot is a bot designed for PucaTrade. It scans the "Send a Card" page and finds good trades FOR YOU. When it finds a good trade, it sends it automatically. When it finds a GROUP OF CARDS FROM A SINGLE USER, it will attempt to send ALL OF THEM. No more PageMonitor. No more checking all of the time. Get more trades on PucaTrade. Spend less time looking for trades. Get Misebot. Your time is worth more than 6$. Misebot only works on Windows Vista/7/8/8.1. Some users have reported it working on XP and 10.

If you have problems, please contact me through your patreon account or [email protected]

If you are a youtuber or write articles, please contact me through my patreon account or [email protected] I will provide bot access for multiple users and cards for a giveaway in return for an article or youtube video. You get more subs and hits because of a giveaway, and I get more exposure.

If you wish to pay by bitcoin, contact me through my patreon account or [email protected]


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If this project reaches 500 per month, I will create a series of YouTube videos to serve as an in depth walkthrough to give new and advanced users a better idea of how the bot works and walkthroughs for fixes for common problems.
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