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About Misfit Mementos

My name is Jeff Vernier, and I run Misfit Mementos.

MisfitMementos.com will always be ad-free. In exchange for your support on Patreon, you'll receive behind-the-scenes looks into current projects, extra content from previous ones, and more.

The next step for us is publishing a physical magazine, filled with articles, art, puzzles, and more. I'd love to work with other creators to fill the pages to the brim- you'll be able to wring out the magazine and spill words on the floor.

Before beginning Misfit Mementos, I published a one act play, and had nationwide productions of some of my other scripts.

This has been a fantastic tool in exploring my abilities as a writer, and I'd love to continue that. With an audience on Patreon, I'll be able to dedicate more time to not only writing, but producing all forms of content- music, podcasts, short films, and more.

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