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Welcome to my Miska's Maps' patreon page! My name is Miska and I create hand-drawn fantasy and sci-fi maps for tabletop role-playing games to inspire you and help you in preparing and running your games, so you can focus on creating the most exciting and epic adventures for your players.    

At Least 5 New Maps Every Month

Each map pack includes one unique map with different versions for various uses and situations. Map versions and their quantity varies. Most map packs include versions with and without a grid, a night version, and a printer-friendly low-saturation or black & white version. Some of the maps come with fewer variations, less background fluff, and they can be only black & white or experiments in different styles.

The maps are optimized for online use. Are you playing online? Most of the maps (whenever practical) are optimized for virtual tabletops, like Roll20 or Fantasy Grounds. The maps are designed for 140 px grid.  

For Foundry VTT users I offer game ready maps pre-configured with walls, doors, light sources, and other parameters. Just import the map and drop your token on the scene, and you are ready to go! 

Make your own battlemaps. If you want to print a map and use it with miniatures, my high-resolution maps include a 1" grid for printing by default.

Well-supported file formats. The maps come in .jpg format or .png format if transparency features are required. High-resolution maps come in .tiff format with editable layers, so you can customize the maps to fit your needs precisely. 

Dungeons, deck plans, and battle maps. The scale and genre of my maps range from high-fantasy to space opera and medium-scale dungeons or deck plans to small scale battle maps.

See the patron tiers for more details and decide which one fits your needs the best. Check the tier rewards here

Map Archive With Over 200 Maps

This Patreon project includes an archive of over 200 sci-fi and fantasy RPG maps with their variations that you can use to save your preparation time and make your games more exciting in an instant.

Map archive includes links to all of my maps released on Patreon over the years. The map archive will be updated with new maps when they are published. 

Check out the Map Archives HERE

Examples of maps found in the Map Archive

Vote For Your Favorite Maps

Every month you can vote for your favorites in that list (as many as you like). I'll pick the highest-ranking sci-fi and fantasy maps from the list – usually around 4 maps per month, and make these into color  map packs.

In the monthly polls, the maps are divided into Sci-Fi and Fantasy maps. These are broad categories including a variety of sub-genres.

Sci-Fi maps include futuristic and modern themes and features, for example, space opera, hard SF, urban fantasy, cyberpunk, post-apocalyptic, and similar genres. 

Fantasy maps include genres with fantastic and historical themes and features, for example, high fantasy, steampunk, planetary romance, weird west, 1920s Lovecraftian horror, and similar maps belong to this category.

Bonus Content

Besides maps, the bonus content might also include handout templates, VTT tokens, character portraits, adventures or other RPG material from me or some other creators who I collaborate with occasionally. 

Do you want to support my work?

Get on board and become a crew member of Miska's Maps Cartographic Expeditions! You get instant access to a wide variety of unique maps and you get to vote your favorite maps and submit your own suggestions. 


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I will include even more map variations for different scenarios, weather conditions, etc.
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