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is creating sci-fi maps and assets for Starfinder, Star Wars, and other RPGs

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  • Basic Sci-Fi Maps (Map packs come with gridded and gridless default version and one variant when available)
  • Original and hand-painted maps
  • VTT Compatible (140px per square, jpg or png, under 5Mb per map)
  • Vote in patrons-only polls.
  • Unlock all previous maps and posts available to your tier
  • Explorer Discord Role and access to patrons-only channels. 
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  • Unlimited Sci-Fi Maps (Includes all published sci-fi maps and variants, all with and without the grid)
  • Original and hand-painted maps and assets
  • VTT Compatible (140px per square, jpg or png, under 5Mb per map)
  • Monthly prop or token packs and unfurnished map versions
  • Bonus content for map packs. e.g. Ambient and music tracks, illustrations, adventure PDFs, tokens, and such additional content for the maps when available.
  • Vote in patrons-only polls.
  • Unlock all previous maps and posts available to your tier
  • Adventurer Discord Role and access to patrons-only channels.
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  • You get all Adventurer tier rewards AND...
  • Foundry VTT Premium Modules – You get access to all Foundry VTT premium map and adventure modules.
  • Dungeondraft Asset Pack. You can download my assets as a Dungeondraft asset pack. The pack is updated regularly with new assets. 
  • Extra Maps. This is not guaranteed content, but any published Cthulhu mythos and fantasy maps and assets, including any related Foundry VTT modules are exclusive for this tier.  
  • Dropbox Access. Download map packs and other available content directly to your Dropbox.
  • PDF and WEBP versions of all the maps
  • Hero Discord role and access to patrons-only channels

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About Miska's Maps

Welcome to Miska's Sci-fi Maps! My name is Miska, and I create original hand-painted maps and assets for tabletop role-playing games so you could use less time for prepping and more time for playing. I'm a big fan of hard sci-fi, space opera, cyberpunk, and science fantasy, and that's what this Patreon is about! 

Multiple New Map Packs Every Month

I publish around 4 thematic sci-fi map packs per month and a varying number of extra maps on top of that. The extra maps can include other than sci-fi maps. The number of monthly releases varies depending on the size and complexity of the maps, but usually the total ranges from 4 to 8 maps. Currently, there are over 280 released map packs in total.

Map scale varies from highly detailed character-scale battle maps to less detailed dungeons, deckplans, and overland maps. All new map releases are designed with VTT use in mind. 

You can find a list of all Patreon releases in the Map Library.

Foundry VTT Map Modules

In case you are interested in my Foundry VTT ready battle maps, I have premium modules available for Hero tier patrons. The map packs include dynamically lit maps pre-configured with light sources, doors, background ambiance, and weather effects! Most maps also include multiple variants to choose from for different scenarios.

Map Assets and Props

In addition to maps, I make assets and props for maps. Usually, I update the asset archive once a month. At the moment the archive includes hundreds of assets and it grows by a few dozen unique assets each month.

These assets are also available for Dungeondraft as a custom asset pack.

Join the Crew!

By subscribing as my patron, you gain immediate access to all the content available to your chosen tier. 

This is a monthly subscription and it is charged when you join and after that monthly or annually, whichever suits you the best. 

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Some Frequently Asked Questions...

What Software Do You Use?

My usual tools are iPad Pro & Apple Pencil, Procreate app, and Photoshop. While my workflow has become mostly electronic, sometimes I still draft or ink my maps and assets on paper with a pencil and ink pens. I do not use pre-made third-party assets or any map creation software for my maps.

Do The Maps Work in [Your Virtual Tabletop]?

Each new map is aligned to a grid with 140 px squares (or 1" squares for printing) and they are compatible with Roll20, Fantasy Grounds, Foundry VTT, Astral Tabletop, Owlbear Rodeo, and most other VTT platforms. All maps come with and without a grid. Some maps will have variants, but not all. Most maps are under 5 Mb and they come in jpg or png formats. Webp files are available to Hero and higher-tier patrons. 

Map packs published between 2015-2019 are called Legacy maps. They are designed mainly for printing and as handouts. Maps published in January 2020 of the after are designed for VTT use and all maps published since May 2020 are also available for Foundry VTT as dynamically lit scenes.

Streaming and Actual Play Videos

You can use my maps on your streams or actual play videos if you attribute my work in the video or the video description (e.g. "cartography by Miska's Maps"). I appreciate if you also link back to my page, either www.miskasmaps.com or www.miskasmaps.com

Gaming Blogs and Fair Use

You can use unaltered public versions of my maps in your blog or other printed or electronic material available to all for free. In other words, you may not crop the image or otherwise edit it to add props or details, alter the colors, or remove the watermark ("Patreon | miskasmaps", or similar) or the signature that identifies the work as mine. I also have a growing library of my older "legacy" maps released under CC-BY license here.
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