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per month
  • Hand-drawn high-quality maps
  • Gridded and gridless VTT-ready maps (140px/square)
  • One extra variant (day/night, seasonal, different color scheme or mood)
  • Vote in Monthly map polls and other patrons-only polls.
  • Unlock all previous maps and posts available to your tier
  • Exclusive Discord access
Includes Discord benefits


per month
  • Hand-drawn high-quality maps (5 per month)
  • Monthly prop or token packs and unfurnished map versions
  • Print-ready PDFs with 1" grid
  • Up to 5 extra variants per map pack (day/night, unfurnished, seasons, different color schemes, moods, eras, etc.) when included with the release
  • Bonus content for map packs. e.g. Ambient and music tracks, illustrations, adventures, tokens, and such additional content for the maps when available.
  • Gridded and gridless VTT-ready maps (140px/square)
  • Vote in Monthly map polls and other patrons-only polls.
  • Unlock all previous maps and posts available to your tier
  • Exclusive Discord access
Includes Discord benefits


per month
You get all Adventurer tier rewards AND...
  • Foundry VTT Premium Battlemaps – You get access to Patreon-exclusive premium Foundry VTT modules.
  • Mythos Maps content. All Mythos Maps map variants and assets, including any Foundry VTT modules.
  • Extra maps & modular maps. Any maps released on top of the 5 monthly map packs including any modular or geomorph map series. 
  • Dropbox Access. Download map packs and other available content directly to your Dropbox.
  • Even more variants! Each map pack with at least 5 different versions  – often more.
  • Layered PSD Files*
  • WEBP versions of all the map variants (gridless only)

* While PSDs are Photoshop files, they can be edited with GIMP, Krita, or Paint.NET, for example, and they are all free to download and use.

Includes Discord benefits




per month

About Miska's Maps

Welcome to Miska's Sci-fi Maps

My name is Miska Fredman, and I create hand-drawn maps and assets for tabletop role-playing games so you can save valuable preparation time and focus on creating and running the most exciting and epic adventures for your players!

I'm a big fan of hard sci-fi, space opera, cyberpunk, and science fantasy, and this Patreon is all about that. Welcome aboard! 

I also make Cthulhu Mythos themed maps on regular basis under the label Mythos Maps. These maps have their own Patreon project here, but they are also available to all Hero tier patrons.  

Over 250 Released Map Packs 

Currently, I have over 250 released maps here on Patreon and you can find a post with a list of all Patreon release here: Map Library

Maps published between 2015 and 2019 are called "Legacy" maps and they are mostly designed for printing. Maps released in January 2020 and afterward are designed for virtual tabletop use. 

Foundry VTT Map Modules

In case you are interested in the Foundry VTT ready premium battle maps you can find more about those here.

How Does This Work?

On Patreon, you can support creators, like me, by becoming a patron and receive rewards and benefits in return – and, of course, my overwhelming gratitude :) 

Each patron tier has an escalating set of rewards you get when you subscribed as my patron. The price that is charged in advance monthly or annually, whichever suits you the best.  You can see the tier descriptions for details. Once you have found a tier that suits your needs and budget, subscribe to that tier and you can immediately access the locked content up to your tier, including all the previously released maps, bonus content, and Foundry VTT modules.     

New map packs are released around 5 times per month as Patreon posts with links to the tier rewards. Each tier's map pack (or Dropbox folder in case of Hero+ tier patrons) contains all the files belonging to that tier's rewards. 

You can cancel any time and retain access to your benefits until the end of your paid subscription period.  

You can find more samples of my maps here.

Buy Single Map Packs

In case you are interested in supporting my work by purchasing separate map packs, you can find them also on various marketplaces including DrivethruRPG, Roll20, and Astratabletop. 

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Part-time Cartographer - At this point, I could try to reduce my work hours in my day job and start working more on maps and RPG content. I would expect this to mean more content for you and less staying up late for me :)
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