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is creating battle maps for sci-fi, cyberpunk, and fantasy RPGs

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  • 5 high-quality map packs per month
  • The default version of the map
  • Day & night version of the map
  • Gridded and gridless maps
  • Access Legacy Maps with over 200 maps*
  • Unlock previous posts and releases available to your tier
  • Vote in Monthly map polls and other patrons-only polls.
  • Exclusive Discord access (Explorer role)

* Legacy Maps are released between 2015-2019. These maps are mostly B&W and not VTT optimized.
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  • All rewards from the previous tiers
  • up to 5 different variants for each map pack. These can include different theme, genre, and color variations. 
  • Bonus content when ever that is available. This can include ambient and music tracks, adventures, tokens, scene and character illustrations, and other creative content to add value to your games.
  • Access previous posts and map releases with over 1000 VTT  and Legacy Map* versions.
  • Vote in monthly map polls and other patrons-only polls.
  • Exclusive Discord access (Adventurer role)

* Legacy Maps are released between 2015-2019. These maps are mostly B&W and not VTT optimized.
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  • All rewards from the previous tiers 
  • Foundry VTT Premium Battlemaps  You get access to a Patreon-exclusive module including maps (including the variant versions) pre-configured with walls, doors, light sources, and other parameters for Foundry VTT. The module is updated regularly with new maps.
  • Layered Map Files – You get PSD-files with editable text layers in a print-quality resolution. These come with 1" square grid, so it's easy to print them into miniature compatible battle maps.*
  • Extra Maps and Variants whenever I publish them. Even more variants and quick and simple maps often without variations published in addition to my usual map packs. These might be remakes of my older legacy maps or experimental style tests, for example.
  • WEBP files of the map
  • Dropbox Access. Download map packs and other available content directly to your Dropbox.
  • Access Hero Archive with a library of layered TIFF and PSD map files, PDF collections, timelapse videos, and more.
  • Exclusive Discord access (Hero role)
  • Mastermind Chat - VIP Discord access for discussion about upcoming maps, requests, map suggestions, etc. 

* You can edit PSD files in Photoshop, GIMP, Krita, or Paint.NET, for example, which are all free image editors.
Includes Discord benefits




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Welcome to Miska's Maps' patreon page! My name is Miska and I create hand-drawn maps for tabletop role-playing games to inspire you and help you in preparing and running your games, so you can focus on creating the most exciting and epic adventures for your players. 

Maps of Many Worlds

I do maps for sci-fi and fantasy, and some of my maps work for both, depending on what games you play and how you use my maps. I'm a big fan of space opera, cyberpunk, and high fantasy with a pinch of steampunk or science fantasy, and many of my maps reflect these preferences.

Every now and then I ask suggestions from my patrons and run polls on a monthly basis based on those to see which maps you would like to see done next. 

How Does This Work?

On Patreon, you can support creators, like me, by becoming a patron and receive rewards and benefits in return.

Each patron tier has a price that is charged in advance monthly or annually, whichever suits you the best. New map packs are released as Patreon posts with links to the tier rewards. Each tier's map pack contains all the files belonging to that tier's rewards. 

You can cancel any time and retain access to your benefits until the end of your paid subscription period.  

Join the Expedition!

I offer five different reward tiers (See the tier description for details):
  • Choose Explorer if you need only the default and day/night version of the map (gridded and gridless).  
  • Choose Adventurer if you want map packs with 2 extra variants and/or other possible bonus content like music tracks, adventures, etc..
  • Choose Hero if you want to access map pack contents directly through Dropbox, need a layered PSD file, some extra maps, or want to save time in preparing your Foundry VTT game sessions.
  • Choose Immortal or Epic if you would like to have an option to request custom maps or use my maps for commercial purposes. 


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Map Assets – I'll start publishing map assets (furnitures, props, etc) as part of regular releases every other month. 
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