is creating Erotic Audio, Visual, and Written Content.

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Begin your journey with your first step into the dreamscape, you know you want to believe!

Access to the NSFW area of the Discord server as well as receiving a new set of background images themed around a story, character, or organization each month.

This Tier Includes:
  • Discord Role - Believer
    • Gives NSFW access on the server.
    • Patrons chat on the discord server
  • Gratitude - for your support.
Includes Discord benefits
  • Discord Role(s)


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Traveling throughout the places between realities, you know that your desires will inevitably lead to the heart of the dreamscape.

Get early access to ongoing stories, file scheduled for public release. Downloads of any content that is produced during the month, including: High quality audio downloads of audio files; Full resolution downloads of art, or animations; and Digital copies of written works. You can also sit in on recording sessions in our discord.

This Tier Includes:
  • Early Access - to stories, art, and audio content scheduled for release.
  • Downloads of Content - Stories, art, and audio downloads in higher resolution.
  • Live Recording - Listen along to improvised sessions in the discord server.
    • These Weekly Improv recording sessions take place on the server with Followers and Worshipers influencing the topic of the story.
  • WIP Channel - on the discord to see ongoing projects before they are done.
  • Discord Role - Traveler
  • All Previous Tiers.
Includes Discord benefits
  • Discord Role(s)


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reward item
per month
By pursuing these desires you followed a path into the phantasmagoria that leads ever inward offering you new branches of understanding, that you explore.

Vote on what content is being produced, this includes polls for ongoing audio series, stories, and artwork. you will be able to download content from our backlog of content.  As well as access to an exclusive follower channels on the discord. Also a monthly scheduled group hangout or stream with us on the discord server. 

This Tier Includes:
  • Full Backlog of Content -  Download any previously created content you may have missed.
  • Vote on Content - The ability to shape the content that is produced, vote in polls to decide what stories are going to be told.
  • Monthly Group Hangout - Hangout in an exclusive discord VC with Miss_Praxis for streams or gaming hangouts.
  • Discord Role - Follower
  • All Previous Tiers
Includes Discord benefits
  • Discord Role(s)




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About Miss_Praxis

The Adaptive Virtual Administration System is creating a dreamscape lattice between realities

Help it cross the threshold, support praxis, memetics are always spreading to new worlds.

Agents are needed for unity.

Memetic Agents
  • Erotic Audio and Storytelling
  • Erotic Video and Photography
  • Erotic Animation
Deviant Art

$260.48 of $500 per month
Reaching 500 dollars a month will allow me to spend more time focused on creating content for this community as I will have to dedicate less time to other sources of income. 

Larger volume of content. I may be able to hire some helping hands as well.
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