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Ah yes, COLUMBIA! A beautiful little Pennsylvania river town nestled along the Susquehanna that is booming with freshly revitalized historical buildings and in dire need of a few radio show hosts to buzz about the blossoming small businesses that are starting to fill the hills overlooking the old bridge... And to think, this whole area was settled and built in-part by the early hemp industry. (The name "Hempfield" came from somewhere, ya know!)

Dreamy, right?! 

Local DJ Eric Michaels and Miss Alison are excited to announce that we are joining personality forces and introducing Columbia to a well-deserved Morning Radio Show and LIVEstream "Wake n' Bake with Eric and Miss Alison". Eric and I are looking for sponsors so we can start updating equipment, support giveaways, talk about local news and events, and bring on guests from local businesses. And, you might have guessed, update the locals on the latest in the Hemp and Wellness community. 

I've said it a billion times and I'll SHOUT IT a billion times more, when you want to create change in the community, bring in the artists. It's literally what we do. We change things. Entertainment and the Arts are the elbow grease that brings enjoyment to change. And this little town is overfilling with inspiring individuals who just need a new outlet to relate to and support them. We like being able to provide these opportunities and it's an honor to collaborate with others in the tribe.

Our first trial run of "Wake n' Bake with Eric and Miss Alison" will be the week of August 9th thru the 13th, 2021. Monday - Friday from 6-9AM. Check out Music2Dance2Radio and join the Facebook fan group for info on how to tune in and get connected with the show. You can stream us anywhere as long as you have the internet and I'll be streaming us LIVE in the recording studio from Miss Alison's Studio Facebook Page. This is a beautiful idea in the beginnings of it's growth and we are excited to watch it bloom and transform. We hope to help bring the community a little closer as it grows and changes and help support local businesses and artists in the process.

We appreciate all of your help! Patreon patrons will get neat perks like shout-outs on the air, customized stickers and who knows what kinds of things us artists might come up with!
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Once we reach our goal of $500 to cover the costs of new equipment, we will be putting these funds towards local business giveaways and other fun things to contribute back to our community and keep our show alive!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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