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Who is Coral Reefer? 

I'm a burlesque performer, an award winning pinup model, and a theater artist with a  background in writing and performing sketch comedy and satire. I found my way to burlesque naturally as it lay at the intersection of everything I love in the my life, the world, and the performing arts. I feel thrilled and spoken to by the art of striptease and have enjoyed learning the history of burlesque. I have found the power in reclaiming the sexuality that has often been weaponized against me.

I use my body to make proud value statements on pleasure and self-celebration through my performance and art on stage and in front of the camera

Outside of getting naked, In my day-to-day life, I like to keep things bright, colorful, freaky and forward-thinking through my vibrant visual art practice, in which I utilize paint, textile, and my personal favorite medium, antiquated Microsoft Paint software.

Through all my practices, it is my lifelong goal to help others feel empowered and emboldened to be their best and unleash whatever their "burlesque" is.  While stripping down on stage or in front of the camera may not be everyone’s idea of self-celebration or ultimate freedom, we each have an equivalent: a dream that electrifies and terrifies us all at once. I embrace that dream in my personal practice by allowing myself To experience movement free from the confines of purity culture. My burlesque experiments with subversive and sensual movement and seeks to replace shame with curiosity. I also aim to subvert through the research that goes into my crafts— by being both knowledgeable and critical of the way that oppressive ideology around nudity, the body, and sexuality have historically shaped its depiction in popular/visual culture. While I cite influences like Playboy, peep shows, pulp covers, grindhouse and even renaissance nudes,  this homage doesn’t go without acknowledgement of the socio-political climates that contextualized and shaped (and reshaped and nipped and tucked) the classic pinup imagery we have come to love. It’s also worth noting how, throughout history, the way we discuss the women in front of the camera largely depends on who is behind it. How is it that a mans depiction of a woman’s nude body renders him worthy of the Louvre, but presently, a woman taking her own nude photo is considered social suicide?  By embracing these vintage aesthetics that are so often arbitrarily heralded as “classier” than contemporary depictions of sexuality, on this very *not* vintage platform, I am attempting work against the normalization of shame, negative body image and passive self-hate as I see perpetuated by the media we consume and the conversations we entertain about...well..... taking nudes. 

In mixing the old with the new, I want to show the world how we can pay homage to the vibrant traditions and rich history of vintage erotica while still progressing as a people to reach new, bold, loving, inclusive, sex-positive, body positive, radically accepting heights.

Through your support and donations, I will be able to continue managing myself as a performing and visual artist. especially during the pandemic, I have turned to content creation as a primary means of income to replace my lost wages while theaters are closed.

All funding will be used to provide the following: 
+costumes, props and costuming materials +transportation to and from shows, gigs and festivals +routine tech maintenance for my various art accessories +prints and print making +art materials like paint, canvas, graphite etc. +fees incurred producing my own work (like rental feels, application fees etc.) +the things I need to be alive and thus make my art (like food, insurance, rent, etc!)  

Here on my patreon, in exchange for supporting my work, you will receive access to frequent exclusive and extra spicy video and photo content, my personal rehearsal diary, and never-before-seen art work inspired by the vintage erotica that has shaped me as a creative. 

from the bottom of my big little heart, thank you. now, let me make you proud!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 46 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 46 exclusive posts

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