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About MS.Pol

WARNING AHEAD: Can and will contain content more suitable for an older audience, like horror content (blood, gore, body horror) and 18+ works with sexual themes. This content will be added in the attachments of posts with (trigger) warnings ahead, leaving you the decision to check it our or not.

~ Who am I?

Hi! My name is MissDutch aka MS Pol. I am an independent comic artist from a little country called the Netherlands and I've started publishing comics of various genres under the name of AppleDragon Comics.
My main goal is to tell stories with a diverse representation in cast.

I've always loved telling stories since I was a toddler. My dream goal is to make comics my parttime job. By just donating $1 a month, you can help me to make it real and of course you'll be rewarded in return!

But please, do not feel forced to donate. Comics will always be free to read online. Spreading the word about my work would also help a lot.

If you want to give a one-time tip/donation, treat me on a cup of coffee at my Ko-Fi account.

~ What will you currently be supporting?

Where The Giants Roar
- Fantasy / Comedy
A fantasy where we follow a squad of the Guards, the police and peacekeepers of a fantasy world where humans, giants and other creatures have to live together. The story concentrates on themes as ego, self esteem and how it's effected by the relationships of the people around you.
Inspired by mythology worldwide about giants and Western European mythological creatures.
~This comic contains soft horror and violence

The Steps in Love Romance / Comedy
A simple comedy-romance about the love between Cage Tannen en Yani Anderson. A comic not only about healthy relationships, but also safe sex, body image, fat positivity and sex positivity.
This main storyline of this comic is finished, but Cage and Yani will continue in one-pagers showing cute little snippets of their relationship.
~This comic contains soft nudity and sexual themes

~ What can you make possible/expect in the future?
  • Hollandse Horror - Horror (like that wasn't obvious)
    • This series will contain horror themes as blood, body horror and gore
  • The return of Black Lollipop - Drama/Comedy
    Black Lollipop was my first serious comic project, which I sadly had to broke off, cause the story didn't work with me. But I still love the main theme, so I am planning to redo this for 1 book or 2.
    • This comic will contain strong language
  • Action/Sci-fi comic - Title is a secret at the moment
    • This comic will contain violence and soft gore
  • Naughty Apples - 18+/Erotica
    • This series will (obviously) contain sexual content
$33.61 of $1,000 per month
Reaching this goal will fill in some financial holes and help me keep the regular schedule update I have now (twice a week with no breaks) and I'll try to do more.

  • Double updates will be there for special holidays (Xmas, easter, anniversaries)
  • Regular art pieces
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1,280 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1,280 exclusive posts

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