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Missing Roll Player Found is a group of individuals playing roleplaying games, or RPGS, and attempting to share their gameplay with other players and interested viewers. Our GMs are mostly familiar with the Pathfinder roleplaying system but may have some experience or knowledge of other RPGS. MRPF tends to run games based off of homebrewed and anime worlds. We have many stories to tell and hope to do them for a long time.

Release Schedule:

  • AOD - Sundays 9am EST
  • The Gate Chronicles - Sundays 9am EST (bi-weekly)

Listen via your favorite podcasting apps! Or follow the links below:

PodchaseriTunesGooglePlay | Podbean | Spotify | TuneIn | YouTube | Website

What are we currently playing?
Well, we're running a campaign that is loosely based on the Sword Art Online anime series. SAO is a game where players control their virtual bodies and fight off monsters, however, they became trapped, unable to log out and get back to reality. Much like the anime version of the show, our players are stuck in the game, but they are in a world where there is magic, steampunk tech, and fantastical races of creatures. Welcome to Sword Art Online RPG.

As of 4/12/2020, we started a new campaign in addition to SAO: AOD. This time we're set in the post-apocalyptic future of Earth in The Gate Chronicles. The focus of our story is in the West Realm where a gigantic forest, dubbed the Forest of the Forgotten, covers the majority of the continent. Within this Forest are ruins of the past world and mutant beasts that hunt men. Our heroes awaken in this strange time and place and must fight to survive and possibly find a way back home. 

How can I help in other ways?
We know it can be difficult to donate at times when there are already enough financial struggles in the world. We understand that and it’s okay. You must take care of yourself first before you can care for others. Some other ways you can help support us involve:

  • Share the show with others! This literally means anyone you can think of. If you’re going to share on social media, we recommend using #MRPF for our general content or #aodpod for SAO.
  • Leave us a rating/review on iTunes or your preferred podcast app. Your feedback helps others find our podcast and lets us know you're out there.
  • Follow us on the myriad of social media accounts that we have: Facebook(@missingrollplayerfound), Instagram (@RollFound), and Twitter (@RollFound). Growing our community can really help the show. You can also check out our website at missingrollplayerfound.com.
Honestly, we’re so new to this, and we’re hoping we’re doing things right. So, thank you for even considering supporting us! Thank you for checking us out! And thank you for being you! Welcome to our family.
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