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About Missions Not Majors

Missions Not Majors aims to provide students with affordable and effective college coaching. We accomplish this through our free blog and resources. For students wanting to take their personal and professional development to the next level, they can join our membership platform for just $10/month. Why so low? Because the goal is to encourage students to make a small financial investment in their growth (the greater investment is the time you will need to learn, practice and apply the resources we provide).

Colleges just aren't providing a holistic and effective curriculum for students. Important practical knowledge and skills are often left out of the course catalog. Wellness, social and emotional development, interpersonal communications, professional development and even little things like learning how to pay taxes, are vitally important components of education and training, not just for work, but for life. Most importantly, students should be learning to explore and discover their interests and strengths and how to use these to articulate an empowering and meaningful mission that drives them in their career and life. 

Missions Not Majors aims to fill in the gaps and help students discover their mission. I believe that a student who pursues a mission, not a major, is more likely to thrive in life and positively contribute to humanity. Don't wait another minute - discover your mission today! 

Bee Cade, Founder

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