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-Access TWO exclusive ASMR videos each month (new videos are available each month and include ear licking, sensual role plays, try-ons, etc..) 

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-AND all lower tier rewards including ONE sexy selfie photoset, one ear licking video, access to Discord, the Lens feature and Patreon feed 

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About ASMR Maddy

Hi guys! I'm Maddy and I'm obsessed with ASMR!:) After watching for over a year, I finally felt brave enough to try making my own content beginning in April 2018. I am constantly jotting down new ideas for videos and am truly investing all of my energy into videos and live streams that I hope will bring relaxation, enjoyment and stress-relief. I am immensely grateful for your interest and thankful (seriously beyond words!!) for your encouragement! If you would like to become a patron, you will gain inside access and join an exclusive and supportive network of individuals like us:) If not, I would love for you to join my communities on Twitch and YouTube and keep the tingles going!

A little about me: I live with my family in the Midwestern USA and work during the week in mental health. I love sci-fi, knitting, Harry Potter, yoga, fan-fiction and so much more!:) Please bear with my as this page develops and always reach out to me if you notice that there is something I could improve. I truly appreciate your support more than I can say!!
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Upgraded sound equipment! I would love to be able to get an improved sound set-up, including a pair of Rode microphones for better sound quality and the ability to do more up-close, personal attention videos <3
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