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is creating Songs & Home Made Things Like Beanies & Pottery

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V1 - The Jugs

per month

Being a part of the V1 Jugs crew, you will: 

1. receive a personally handwritten letter from me!

2. be able to participate in my monthly patron song song

    *what is a patron song song? it's a song written from my patron's ideas. each of my patrons will be able to submit 1 word or sentence per month by the 10th of the month; i will then put all the submitted ideas  into a hat, randomly pick out 5 ideas, and write one song using at least 3 of the 5 randomly selected ideas. then i'll show it to you, my patrons!

V2 - the slopers (Level 2 Patrons)

per month

Being a part of the V2 slopers crew, you will get everything mentioned in V1 PLUS:

1. 1(one) limited edition vlo patron t-shirt 

2. 1(one) vlo handmade beanie 

V3 - the crimps ( Level 3 Patrons)

per month

Being a part of the V3 crimps crew, you will get everything mentioned in V1 & V2 PLUS:

1. 1(one) vlo original handmade zipper pouch made from vintage 1960's fabric.

2. 1(one) cover song request per month that i will arrange and record how i see fit and show it to you on my patreon page!




per month

About Miss Valeri Lopez

Hello my name is Valeri - thank you for visiting my Patreon page! I'm brand new to this sort of thing so I will be learning and making things better as I go in regards to the benefits my Patrons will receive/experience.

Right now I'm preparing for a national tour (I booked myself); from California to Pennsylvania via the Southwest, and back to the west coast via Montana then down the coast back to Los Angeles. If you become a Patron, you will help me be free to devote my creative/mental/emotional energy to creating songs. You will inspire me to create, how? Because I know someone believes in me when they become a part of my artistic journey in any way, in any amount. You can make a world of difference to me.

My plan is to write a few new songs while on tour, then record them along with a few songs already written and ready to go, in the studio after my return. Then I'll submit them to a publishing company I'm in contact with, and get these songs into movies, tv, commercials, anything etc.! It's highly probable with your support in my music, my dream, my life.

As a patron you will have access to insider info, videos updates and special goodies depending on level of membership. I would also like to make you home-made things that I like to make to say thank you for your contribution: beanies, pottery in the form of cups plates and bowls, and pouches with zippers made from vintage fabric and material rescued from old dresses.

So what on earth does V1, V2, V3, V4 & V5 mean? I'm just a nerd, that's what all that means. I really like bouldering (a type of rock climbing) and V1 is the more beginner level, you know, you're checking it out, what it's all about, not sure if you want all in but you know it's awesome and fun - - - by the time you get to V3, you're all in, you love rock climbing, in it to win it... but also, V stands for VALERI! :D and lots of other words that are good too... valuable - vivacious - voluptuous - velocity - - - vacuum! Lots of good words. So if you'd like to help me bring more original beautiful moving honest music to the world then pick your V level and be a part of my team! <3

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