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About Miss Weaver

I’m a self-taught drawer from Poland.
I’ve been into drawing since I can remember but I focused on it more in the end of 2015. I was looking for my own way as a drawer and it came naturally. The other thing that’s also been always an important part of my life is music. So I decided to connect these two things and I started drawing my favorite bands, musicians and singers. There’s nothing else that would inspire me more than music – it speaks to my heart, helps me go through difficult times in life and gives me true happiness, especially when I can attend live shows. Drawing my favorite artists is also the way to say “thank you” to these amazing and talented people. The way to express how much I appreciate they hard work, what they create and who they are.

I post my drawings on my social media, mostly on Instagram. This is the platform where I’ve got most recognition and reached almost all of the artists I draw. They notice my works, comment and sometimes share on their profiles. For me, this is the highest form of appreciation. I always look for a possibility to give the drawing to the portrayed person. It usually happens before or after live shows. Drawing people has let me come “closer” to the bands like Lacuna Coil, Like A Storm, Stitched Up Heart and Infected Rain. I also had a chance to give my drawings to Heidi and Carla of Butcher Babies, Alissa of Arch Enemy, Ash Costello of New Years Day and members of Counterfeit.

I usually draw portraits in pencils. In 2016 I started working on my own style of drawing. It was the time when I was very into some “creepy” stuff (especially music and bands, of course). I wanted to draw something original and weird. Maybe some portraits but not so complicated and realistic. I wanted people to look at them and think 'What the hell is wrong with it?' I used to draw caricatures so maybe something similar? But what would be that creepy part? I don't even know why I thought of empty eyes. Maybe because eyes can say the truth about the person. Wouldn't it be creepy if you couldn't look into someone's eyes because they were empty?. I called those portraits “Creepy Portraits” because people feel confused when they see them and this is like a definition of word “creepy” for me. Moreover, I just really like this word and there's no good equivalent of it in Polish language. I think I finally found something what is really 'mine'.

On Patreon I want to share all details of my work. How I prepare to draw, what tools I use, how I draw step by step. I want to tell you the stories connected to my drawings and how I’ve met my favorite artists. I’m a self-taught drawer but maybe I’ll be able to give you advice, teach you something and motivate you to work on your own drawings. I’m nowhere close to the best artists all around but I want to work, create new things, improve my skills. Maybe there are some people who want to follow my journey. Are you one of them?

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