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$25 helps with supplies. My art is made with acrylic, oil pastel, paper, fabric, multi-media materials, oil paint,  glow in the dark paint, wire, canvas, clay, polyamer clay, camera equipment and loads of time.

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About Miss White Spider

My name is Al-Lisa, I am also known as Miss White Spider. 
I’m a freelance multi-disciplinary artist living in the Cariboo Chilcotin, Canada.

I am a multi-media artist, facilitator, performer and musician. 
Here I will share my creative explorations with you by way of various multimedia creations of sharing links to my Ecstatic Dance compilations and downloadable poetry, original music mp3's, shadow movement theater clips, drawings and paintings, puppet building and stories along the way. <3

Soon this year, I will also share glimpses into my travelling global multimedia theatre. Often my stories are of ancestral folklore, nature based themes and carry the ancestral messages of Universal oneness and kindness.
The performance are created with music, commentary, videography, puppets, acting, dance and time-lapse drawings/paintings etc.and weave them all together to tell a folklore/fairytale or ancestral teaching of a particular region. I use an overhead projector, film projector, various instruments, paper puppets and props, videography and soundscapes. These endeavours take many, many hours and weeks to create.

Please know that you can unsubscribe at any time, you are not locked into anything by making monthly pledges. It is entirely up to you for how long you wish to follow me.

Thank you so much for being my muse!

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My goal is to be able to be full time working on my Global Shadow Theatre. 
$1000.00 would cover my bills and ensure that I am fed while also enable me to work full time on my creative missions.
Earth Stewardship, protection of the natural world and ancestral teachings from around the globe are at the heart of my productions. Teaching through the realm of the arts is both effective and inspiring towards inspiring positive change.
I would like to be able to freely travel with my theatre, without the constraints of a stationary job which inhibits my ability to tour longer than two weeks.
My goal is a mobile home and the ability to inspire positive change from town to town.
You of course will be traveling with me and have a back stage pass every performance.

Thank """YOU""" for your support and for believing in the beauty and the power of the arts!
You truly are my muse <3

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 37 exclusive posts
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 37 exclusive posts
Audio releases
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