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  • Access to an exclusive Patrons only chat channel in my Discord!
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River Tier rewards Included! (Exclusive Patron Only Discord chat channel)

  • One new all female hairstyle release every month!
  • Sometimes one extra all female hairstyle or some simple clothing!

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River & Lake Tier rewards also Included! (Exclusive discord channels, access to all Lake Tier releases!)

  • One new outfit release every month!
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  • One new all female hairstyle release every month! (From Lake Tier)
  • Sometimes one extra all female hairstyle or some simple clothing (From Lake Tier)
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About Miste

Hi! It's Miste~

Well if you are here you likely know what this is about!

I created this for anyone who wishes to support me, and this community has genuinely been so kind and supportive so I want to give people goodies more often and quicker! So if you do wish to support me you will be getting some nice rewards!

  • Sync your Discord with Patreon to make sure you receive discord rewards
  • Join my Discord Server for all the rewards, info, and fun!

If you want to see Previews of Patreon Rewards or Work in Progress Previews etc, the best place to keep up to date with that is my Discord Server


  • My Patreon is set to charge upfront, that means you get charged immediately when choosing to become a patron.
  • After that Patreon charges my patrons on a monthly basis on the first of every month. (IE: January 1st, February 1st, and so on).
  • If you pledge to me near the end of the month, you will still be charged on the 1st of the next month unless you delete your pledge before the 1st.
  • You are guaranteed exclusive early access content for Lake & Ocean Tier every month.
  • I am not perfect, therefore my work is not perfect. This type of work is sometimes touch and go and outfits and hairstyles vary in quality depending on what source it is from/my current skill level. I always try to fix any mistakes etc that people report to me! Feedback is appreciated! I am only one person so it is impossible for me to notice every error or mistake on my own, feel free to report any issues to me! I will try my utmost to fix it and satisfy my patron's & client's needs.
  • I usually do my content releases on a monthly basis. So normally they get released near the beginning of every month, but there are some exceptions (like bonuses etc). There are also some exceptions for release dates etc.
  • If you have any other questions or concerns or need help with patreon/discord access of your rewards etc feel totally free to contact me via my platforms like Patreon, Discord, Twitter, etc.
89% complete
I'm a bit in debt because of the move! Setting goal to pay off debts and still pay my monthly living expenses!
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