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About Misty F.

Banner art: Chibi Misty by MoxyDoxy (Twitter)(Patreon)
Icon: Bust shot by DotInTheParadox (Twitter)(Gumroad)

Commission Status:  Super Closed

Who am I?

My name is Misty and I write smart, sexy, speculative fiction that is sometimes erotic.
I have an MFA in Creative Writing from a well-known program in the Northeast and have been writing in my downtime since 2006.
Currently, I am working fifty-hour weeks at my day job for a large bank doing software QA so my writing time is limited.
Why do I write stories with Transformation and Expansion sub-themes?
Because I love transformation. I blame that on my pop culture as a kid, my internet relationships growing up, and my non-binary gender identity. Liking expansion and growth is an offshoot of that.
I also believe that, in our changing landscape of gender and sexuality, transformation fiction can be a means for people who are looking to explore their boundaries and not just high school fantasies of boys obsessed with growing boobs. Well written fiction, intent on exploration and not objectification, allows for readers to enjoy their fantasies in a way that does not reduce characters to pieces and parts to titillate. It creates a context in which complex individuals can grapple with things like finding love that is accepting, deepening existing connections though a growth of understanding, or even being unashamed of their desires.
So, why a Patreon?
Having deadlines and people I report to means that I stay on top of my work. Having this space as a platform also allows me to engage with people who want to support me.
What things will you NOT write about?
Raping, Killing, maiming, and victimizing/dehumanizing characters are the things I will absolutely not write about. Further, I will not write about characters who are not considered adults by their society. Which means no pre-pubescent age progression and characters in "real world" stories must be 18 and, unless there is a very specific reason, I will not write characters younger than their mid-twenties.
What things WILL you write about then?
I will write pretty much anything so long as it is respectful to the character and those they interact with. Informed and enthusiastic consent is core to what I produce.
$55.80 of $150 per month
What I make from Patreon now covers about a quarter of my student loan payments.

Followup of the Month
  • A poll will pick a story to get revisions and a follow-up. A Small budget for cover art. 
  • Reader's Club+: Get a nice PDF and ePub version download from my itch.io store. 
  • Non-Patron: Stories will post to MistyFFiction at the end of the month.
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