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is creating art tutorials about character and environment design.

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  • Welcome gift: How to start drawing ebook + acces to how to start videos
  • Weekly video lessons: current month and previous 2 months
  • Weekly video feedback: you can send your work for a quick review in the weekly video feedback
  • Monthly gift: every first week of the month you get a gift (could be an ebook, psd, brushes or something else)
  • Art community: chat with me and other students and artists on discord
  • Discounts: 20% off my gumroad ebooks & videos

-Please note: you will be charged the moment you join, then on the first of the next and each month for as long as you stay a patron-
*read the text "about me" for more specifics & details about the monthly gift & more

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About Mitch Leeuwe

Let's draw! I'm Mitch Leeuwe and I'm a freelance artist making characters and backgrounds for animation shows, comics, toys and games. When I started out I always searched for tutorials and ways to learn. So now I wanted to create a place where people for all levels, from beginners to more experienced, can learn and develop their artistic skills. It doesn't matter if you join with paper and pencil or digital.

*Everyone who joins will get the "How to Draw" ebook right away the moment you join, and after that you'll get a new ebook or other gift every first week of the month*

*Every next month you get a new gift after joining*

-Please note: you will be charged the moment you join, then on the first of the next and each month for as long as you stay a patron-

All videos have automatically generated subtitles in every language, so even when English isn't your native language, you can follow the videos with the subtitles.

If you become a patron here you'll get:

- Welcome ebook get direct started with the How to Draw ebook
- Monthly gift 
ebook or brushes, workfiles and more
- Weekly lesson videos containing a lesson about a subject, you get acces to the a lot of videos. Every lessons stays available for at least 2 months. But I also leave a bunch of lessons like the beginner lesson available for ever. There are also interviews available of different professional artist. So there is always hours of content to watch!
- Previous content when you join you get acces to many hours of videos. Up to 2 months ago and extra videos
- Weekly video feedback video you can send your work or a weekly  assignment to me for a video review. These videos are also usefull to watch even when it's not your work because I explain a lot of fundamentals and tips, and answer questions.
- Acces to the discord channel where you can chat with other students and me
- 20% discount on ebooks and videos from my gumroad store

Monthly gift:
Every person who joins or joined my Patreon (the artist tier) before the end of the current month, will get a new ebook in the first week of next month. (See the top of this text for this month gift)
You have to be part of the artist reward, and after the payment process is finished I'll send you the ebook. The payment process starts on the 1st of every month and can take a few days. Therefore, you'll receive the ebook in the first week of the month, so you need to stay a patron until you get this ebook. I'll send the ebook to your inbox in Patreon, the link will stay active for 8 weeks. After those 8 weeks it's only available again through a discount in my Gumroad shop. To remind you the new ebook is available, I'll also create a post on the Patreon feed.
-Please note: you will be charged the moment you join, then on the first of the next and each month for as long as you stay a patron.
For example: A patron joins your Patreon community on February 25th for $5 per month. They will be charged $5 on the day they join, February 25th, for February patronage (you get access to the "how to start drawing" ebook and videos). On March 1st, the Patron will be charged $5 for March patronage (and will get the monthly gift).-

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