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    About Mixed Plate Podcast

    In Hawaii, we have this thing called a "Mixed Plate." A plate lunch that has more than one entree. For me, the name of this podcast is the perfect metaphor for how I ethnically identify. A little pork adobo, a little poi, a little char-siu, a little white rice, and macaroni salad. 

    The stories on this podcast represents all the flavors you would find on a Mixed Plate. Everything from tangy to juicy, sweet, spicy, and a little salty.

    Join Gerry Ebalaroza-Tunnell as she engages with individuals from around the country who navigate the sweetness and bitterness of being ethnically mixed or in a mixed relationship.

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    Storytelling is the most natural way for us to enter into a relationship with the wisdom and knowledge of others. As in all relationships, agreements must be made and obligations and responsibility for the energies of knowledge. Thus, when a person comes into a relationship with specific knowledge, they are transformed by it and must be responsible for how it is shared.

    Storytelling serves as a tool for making sense of sophisticated situations and exploring better ways to connect with others by sharing the sacred space of deep listening and sharing our words.

    In the wise words of Ursula Le Guin, she states, "Words are events, they do things, change things. They transform both speaker and hearer; they feed energy back and forth and amplify it. They feed understanding or emotion back and forth and amplify it."

    As we engage in face-to-face dialogue (in the Hawaiian language; Alo means forward-facing), deeply listening and sharing our stories and our experiences, we exchange knowledge to one another by “talking story” and creating a new understanding of how we engage with others and the world around us. We “breathe” these words to each other (in the Hawaiian language, means breath or breath in life).

    Together, this is AloHā: The exchange of ideas, the resolution of conflict, the changing of perspectives, and the evolution of our collective being. Breath is life, life is sacred. So, “talking story” is sacred work!!

    Sharing stories that could be the catalyst of social change is my goal. More importantly, gathering stories from individuals who could have an amazing impact on social change is where I'd like to take this podcast.

    This may sound crazy, but hey, to quote Jack Kerouac’s quote that was often cited by Steve Jobs, "The people who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world are the ones who do!"

    Listed below is my GOAL list of guests who I would want to, what we say in Hawaii, come "talk story" with me on the Mixed Plate Podcast. The names are listed in no particular order.

    Here's the catch, and I acknowledge that what I am about to say is total BIAS because the only thing I know about these individuals listed is from what I read in the media!! Total one-sided stories that could either "make or break" a person, their family, and their entire community.


    I am making an assumption that before any of these individuals listed below would want to come and talk story on the Mixed Plate Podcast, they would want me to have a million listeners and 1000 Patreon Supporters or MORE to make it "worth" their time.

    My hope is that I am WRONG. I hope that every one of these individuals remembers the "struggle." The struggle to want to be a creative artist and have other people recognize their work and would be willing to support my work to co-create change. Not the kind of half-assed change where we all make each other feel good about ourselves, but the kind of change that will take a real conversation about being REAL human beings and how the fuck do we co-exist with each other without causing more harm to each other and our planet?

    I am an ARTIST, y’all!! My artistry is sharing the gift of AloHā with the world.

    Before you reach for your credit card, you might want to consider the caveat about who I am.

    I am one of the crazy ones who thinks that she can change the world. I am one of the misfits, the rebels, and a troublemaker. I’m not fond of rules, I have no respect for the status quo, I color outside of the lines, and I make a lot of mistakes. Although people have glorified me and vilified me, sometimes in the same breath, I still think and lead with my heart- because I’m all about ALOHA- the love, the compassion, the empathy. I’m also about forgiveness, restoration, healing, and liberation.

    Having conversations about co-creating change is not an easy task, but I’m willing to try.

    Your support at ANY level will allow me to continue to create #GoodTrouble by interviewing amazing peeps around the nation (starting with my sphere of influence) who also challenges the status quo. Ordinary people who are can accomplish extraordinary results by pushing humanity to change.

    The more supporters and followers I have, the closer I get to 
    having those on my GOAL list to look my way. When that happens, I don’t only lift myself to a Krista Tippet kind of status; EVERY guest I have on the Mixed Plate Podcast from inception forward gets lifted too!!

    See, what I just did there?

    This podcast is not just about ME; it’s about working together to become a better version of ourselves with the help of others. 

    So, go on. Click on that link and become a supporter of the Mixed Plate Podcast. In return, you’ll have early access and EXCLUSIVE (I had to BOLD “exclusive” for emphasis-LOL!) behind-the-scenes content!!

    Jo Koy- brother is my Filipino hero. Struggling with identity issues of what it means to be Filipino, Jo brings pride to the part of myself that I struggled with. I would want to talk with him about navigating those "mixed" race boundaries. PLUS, he just released his first book called, MIXED PLATE, what-what?? Is this meant to be? LOL!

    Duane "The Rock" Johnson- If you haven’t read the interview in Vanity Fair with this amazingly handsome half Black/half Samoan superstar, I’ll do you a solid and share the LINK. I would want to talk with “The Rock” about finding hope amid adversity. I think we could all use some “Rock” solid advice from a megastar, right?

    Jason Momoa- What else is there to say, he is the first "Mixed-Race Superhero." Not in ethnicity, but in species…you know half fish/half human! I would love to talk with Jason about navigating two worlds. For many mixed-race individuals, there is a true struggle between the dominant Eurocentric world and the ability to fully show up as our Indigenous selves. How does Aqua Man, in real life, privileges aside, swim between the two worlds?

    Nicole Scherzinger- Come on, she’s from Hawaii. She knows what a Mixed Plate is all about!!! For real though, I want to talk with Nicole about how in Hawaii, we would not talk about “ethnicity” or “race,” but about “nationality.” I never knew the difference between the three until I was an adult. I wonder when Nicole realized that nationality and ethnicity were not synonymous?

    Bruno Mars- And yes, little Brother Bruno is also from Hawaii, so he knows what’s up with a Mixed Plate and “talking story!” In an article on BuzzFeed, I read about how he was asked about his mixed-race identity not being easily categorizable. Do people feel comfortable and much more at ease being around mixed-race people if they could put us in a category? I would love to talk with Bruno about how he honors all the ancestors within his DNA.

    Taika Waititi- Brother is Māori, “Kia Ora, Taika!” I learned that greeting from my sister Bernie who retired from dancing Hula for the Polynesian Cultural Center. She knows all the greetings from around Oceania. Anyway, did you all know that Brother Taika’s ethnicity is also Jewish, Russian, and Irish? Amazing mix, right? I read about how he could never get a job because people thought he was “glue-sniffer!” WTF? I’d like to talk with Taika about the microaggressions and stereotypes he received and how, if ever, he found forgiveness in his perpetrators.

    Chrissy Teigen- sister is of Thai and Norwegian heritage. Did you know that when she was a kid, she too was confused about how to identify on our government forms? Is she a Pacific Islander? Is she Asian? Is she White? Wouldn’t you all want to hear about when and how Chrissy stepped into her power and began to proudly identify as ALL? I would. I’m still working on decolonizing the bullshit in my head around identity. Help me out, sister! 
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    By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 11 exclusive posts

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