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Detailed information about content:

Rank of content already planned for patrons (I will release only one at a time in the order of request, if you are in a hurry please contact me and I will change the rank):
1. Topic "1.1 Prioritisation/optimisation objective formulas" from our Linked-in article: "Ways to optimise a marketing campaign" (this is about the typical E = P x V formula and its evolution).
2. Customer value management material.
3. Introduction to strategies in Pega Marketing. We can also start covering subtopics such as: prioritisation; personalisation; and others.
4. How to build a CAR or customer analytical record, extracting value from data. Aka: spine table. Some data wrangling techniques for marketing and base management.
5. Journey management in Pega (different custom-built implementations).
6. Scientific marketing with control groups; champion and challenger (business processes; requirements; designs; implementations in Pega marketing).
7. Adapting Pega marketing reports (with a quick review on possible data architectures and existing report types and where they are found).

Already released patron-only content:
A. V001 Part 2. That is part 2 of Pega marketing strategy unit tests. Part 1 is public on youtube: V001 Part 1 on youtube. Part 2 will be sent to you if you message me via Patreon.
B. See other content release on posts below.

Here follows a list of content I can provide that would benefit every marketing practitioner, people using SAS customer intelligence; Adobe and other tools included (see below for Pega marketing specific list):
1. Customer value management training. Best predictors for customer value. Data for customer value. Processes for customer value. Company organisation for customer value. Other.
2. Proposition marketing. The proposition hierarchy and typical fields.
3. Proposition marketing. Training on being creative with propositions (more than 37 types of propositions and many types of triggers or real time events). This training addresses the authors block of just writing cross-sell; up-sell; whatever-sell types of propositions.
4. Training on scientific, data-driven marketing (champion and challenger; control groups; running experiments; main concepts; typical requirements.
5. Training on extracting value from data and building a CAR/Spine (Customer analytical record).
6. Optimisation methods P x V and the evolution of the propensity to accept times value formula.
7. Creating a data-driven marketing operations department.
8. Competitiveness in decisioning and omnichannel marketing. 
9. Customer experience and innovation in omnichannel marketing for large corporations.
10. Catalogue of good marketing propositions (visuals of best examples).
11. Aspects to be considered in a migration from one marketing tool to another.  Some checklists.
12. Basic assessment of partners/suppliers around marketing automation (risk, capability).
13. Interesting compilation and review of training courses in the marketing automation area.

Here is a list of requestable content specific to Pega Marketing:
1. Training on scientific, data-driven marketing for Pega strategies (champion and challenger; control groups; running experiments; main concepts; typical requirements; adaptation to Pega marketing tool.
2. Working with campaign responses (learning from purchases or learning from accepts/clicks). The cases for an abandoned shopping cart.
3. Introduction to writing Pega marketing strategies (already planned for release). Includes Pega marketing domain diagram with explanation.  We could also have special videos for each topic or framework module within it.
4. Walk through or welcome pack for business people helping Pega marketing projects by writing propositions; eligibility rules; etc.
5. Selecting a Pega partner. Criteria. Decision analysis.
6. Mocking interaction history for testing on strategies in Pega marketing.
7. Typical requirements menu for Pega marketing projects.
8. High-level integration and data architectures for data-driven marketing (focus on Pega marketing, but adaptable to other software). How to close the marketing loop. How to become customer-centric.
9. Working with Pega interaction history (including debugging; mocking data; interpreting results; adding columns; etc).
10. Debugging in Pega marketing and other.
11. Designing personalised newsletters in Pega marketing and working with bundles.
12. Integration with mail agencies in Pega marketing.
13. Special topics on Pega marketing offer flows.
14. Working with proposition filters.
15. Examples of activities in Pega that are useful for Pega marketing.
16. Introduction to adaptive models in Pega and advanced topic of hand crafting self-optimising outbound campaigns (campaigns that optimise in waves as described in my Linked-in article on Ways to optimise marketing campaigns). This would be more flexible than the out of the box Pega optimisation.
17. Migration from Unica to Pega. Cover special cases such as capping and migration strategies (gradual, big bang, evolution, revolution).
18. Learning from product purchases in Pega as opposed to just accepts on email links for instance.
19. Journey management in Pega marketing (different custom built implementation alternatives).
20. Market landscape around Pega marketing consultancy for Benelux (not extensive study, but I expect contributions to be made from different players).
21. Multi-level decisioning in Pega marketing.
22. Price optimisation in Pega marketing (it topic on my article on how to optimise marketing campaigns published on Linked-in).
23. Some examples on real time events in Pega marketing.

Check the youtube channel for public content that is not listed here: Mktintel youtube
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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