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About Machine Learning and UX Meetup

We're a mix of {UX, ML, Data Science, PM, more} excited about the future of ML + UX! Join us at our newsletter ( and on!

Feel free to follow us on twitter (@mluxsf) or youtube to see our past events and photos and what we're up to :)

Our Vision
  • We want to create a collaborative environment between UX, Data Science, and everyone in between.
  • We aim to organize a community that helps foster cooperation, creativity, and learning across disciplines.
  • Our goal is to create a space to discuss human-centered machine learning, and share ideas and resources.

What do we do? 

  • Host regular “technical talks” and panels on Data Science/ML/AI + UX/Design focused on sharing best practices, case studies, and lessons learned (check out our youtube channel for past talks, or our twitter - @mluxsf!)
  • Semi-regular networking and happy hours so we can meet other folks and build a community!

but... we can't do this without YOU!
We're a volunteer run and operated organization, and we are so thankful to grow to this level with the help of our volunteers, steering committee, and community! All of our events are FREE to attendees because we acknowledge that folks come from different stages in their life, and paying for events when you are between jobs or a student can be cost prohibitive and can create an exclusive community only for those who can afford it. We're looking to invite all those who are interested and to create a shared community space for all, and we need your help to keep it that way!

We have been incredibly fortunate - in the past two years, our community has been sponsored by our AMAZING venue sponsors who pay for food, drinks, security, and venue space, and all of our speakers have spoken to our groups for FREE!! We've also been sponsored by a Fellowship through the Center for Technology, Society & Policy ( in conjunction with the Algorithm Fairness and Opacity working Group ( at UC Berkeley - but now we've grown past the fellowship stage and we're hoping to be supported by our amazing community!

What are you looking to spend money on?

We are ENTIRELY volunteer run - from Michelle and the steering committee who help find speakers, venues, to the speakers and event sponsors themselves. We do have some monthly auxiliary costs, like fees, email/website subscription, and one off costs like camera tripod/memory cards, as well as sometimes need to pay to host our networking meetups at local bars, among other costs that tend to pop up. We're also looking to help our speakers who are not located in San Francisco come out and speak to us about the AMAZING work they do! (We've already had 2 speakers fly in to speak to us - on their own dime!)

If we had some more financial support, we can help invite more diverse speakers who might not have other means of coming out and sharing their knowledge with us!

If you enjoy our events, have met awesome people, or if you're interested in supporting what we're all about, please consider donating to help us keep our events free!

Not sure how much to donate? Consider donating between $5-10 per each event you attend (if you can afford it!) we'd really appreciate it - this could help cover our monthly fees to keep the lights on, and allow us to do other types of programming!

Big thank you to all of our past venue and speaker sponsors, as well as our AMAZING volunteers, who have helped us keep these events free for all attendees by providing all day-of amenities and their expert speakers! (including awesome companies like Salesforce, Google, IDEO, Quid, and so many more - check them out here!
$22 of $2,000 per MLUX event!
We're looking to raise enough money to cover our expenses for the 2019 and into the beginning of 2020 year!
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