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currently working on: 

livelavalive on youtube

music under the pseudonym might see hell

clothing called wavy dash trademark

untitled "coffee table art book" project 



About Mitchell Davis

I want to create all kinds of art and share it all with you. I want to make you laugh with my LIVE shows. I want to make you think different with my MM videos. I want to make an art book. I want to show my youtube channel LIVELAVALIVE the love it deserves. I want to make more music under MIGHT SEE HELL. I wanna design more clothing like wavy dash trademark.

all my current links can be found on my website CDEMOJI.COM
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When I reach this goal, I will spend all my time making all my current projects the best they can possibly be. I will release more content all over the internet. It would honestly be a dream come true.
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